5 Christian Bloggers Share Hot To Overcome Creative Block Featured

5 Christian Bloggers Share How To Overcome Creative Block

5 Christian Bloggers Share How To Overcome Creative Block PinterestHow to Overcome Creative Block

Whether it’s caused by the monotony of life, stress, or just plain lack of inspiration, there are times when creative block rears it’s ugly head and paralyzes our desire to create. How do you break out and overcome creative block?

How do you break out of that vicious cycle and stir up your desire to create?

I’ve asked 5 Christian Creative bloggers to share how they break through those times when they’ve hit a glass ceiling and their creativity is stifled.  I hope these tips inspire you when you need to get those creative juices flowing.


Joditt blogs over at Joditt.com.  She is a creative worshipper who expresses her heart through bible journaling, creative journaling and beautifully drawm scripture coloring books that she sells over at her shop.

I actually tend to have more of a problem with having too many ideas than having not enough. As I think back on the times when I have experienced creative block, it was because I either had not been taking time for self-care and was totally exhausted, or because I was trying to do something that was not in line with my purpose in life. I just recently gained clarity that my purpose, my calling from God, is to nurture and cultivate — more specifically, to help people grow and develop spiritually. When I am focusing on doing that, I have an overflow of ideas and am bursting with creativeness. But I believe that is why I hit a creative block when I was trying to design wedding invitations and home decor— because doing that was not allowing me the opportunity to help people grow spiritually.

5 Christian Bloggers Share How they Overcome Creative Block.

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Molly is a Creative Christian blogger at Eat Craft Run that I am honored to call a friend.  Her beautiful artistry includes bible journaling, doodling, painting, calligraphy and cooking wonderful meals for her family.   Molly has always been a kindred spirit and I appreciate her so very much!

When I’m in a slump…I give myself grace and for permission to rest. I saw a quote the other day about not comparing or judging what you create by others because God made both sunsets and roses and they are both beautiful and yet, totally different. And, to expand on that, He created very different things…all things. And some times, I feel I’m in a creative slump because my paints are being ignored, but the truth is, I’m just creating elsewhere…behind the camera lens or in the kitchen. So that’s where the grace comes in….don’t define my creativity by what others are doing

5 Christian Bloggers Share How They Overcome Creative Block with Hey Creative Sister


Rhonda blogs over at Beautifully Broken Living and creates through journaling and bible journaling.  Her blog is full of wonderful devotionals and creativity.  I love her post on 5 Amazing Reasons Why a Bible Journal Strengthens Creativity.

I push through a creative block by writing in my bible journal and reading the Bible for inspiration. God’s word is full of vivid and colorful words to get the creative juices flowing.  When I do a brain dump in my Bible journal and get honest with God, He feeds my creativity.

5 Christian Bloggers Share How They Overcome Creative Block with Hey Creative Sister


Sabrina blogs at Kids, Crunch and Christ where her Weekly Bible Journaling posts are beautifully photographed and shared for our encouragement.  Every week she hosts a linkup featuring one of her most recent Bible Journalings in her Journal through the Bible Series.

I have several ways to deal with a creativity slump or feeling blocked. What I most often do is change the outlet. I have many creative interests so if I get stuck or blocked in one type I move on to something else for a while. Usually I’m then able to go back to the original activity with fresh ideas and inspiration. Going for a walk outside is also often great for getting creative juices flowing.  If I get really stumped, I have to relax my brain for the creativity to come back.

5 Christian Bloggers Share How They Overcome Creative Block with Hey Creative Sister

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Liz is a devotional and creative blogger at My Messy Desk whose tagline is ‘messes, memories and masterpieces’.  She continually reminds readers that even though life gets messy, we are still the masterpiece of God.

The best way I have discovered to conquer creative slumps is to get outside and enjoy creation. The sights. The sounds. The smells. The colors and shapes. The movement and patterns.  All point me to the God of all the universe who is Himself creative.  And that is infinitely inspiring.

5 Christian Bloggers Share How They Overcome Creative Block with Hey Creative SisterWell, there you have it friends!  5 wonderful ladies sharing how they overcome creative block!
I hope this will continue to help you as you navigate in your journey to creating in faith!

Thank you to these wonderful creative faith bloggers for allowing me to share their inspiration!

Hey Creative Sister!  Check out these Creative Resources!

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