Creative Ways to Celebrate the Birth of Jesus

What’s Inside: Creative Ways to Celebrate the Birth of Jesus

Creative Ways to Celebrate the Birth of Christ long

Christmas lights glimmer on the roofs of buildings. Homemade wreaths make a beautiful setting in the entryway. The scent of Christams cookies waft through the air and don’t forget all of the Christmas presents that sit underneath the Christmas tree from busy days of shopping.

It seems like every Christmas gets grander as more money is spent on Christmas.

In my locale, Christmas decorations started popping up in my local variety store in October. Would it be safe to say that Christmas is more about money than the birth of Jesus? I would say so. It’s become a commercialized frenzy.

But what if we could go back to simpler times and honor the Lord’s birth?

Creative Ways to Celebrate the Birth of Jesus

Disclaimer: Is December 25th the actual birthdate of Jesus? Since shepherds were tending their flocks in the spring, it can be assumed that Jesus was born in the spring. I’m not here to debate when the Lord was born. I’m grateful that a day is set aside that honors the birth of Jesus.

I want to go back to the basics of what Christmas is, and I want to challenge you to do the same with me!

Here are some creative ways to celebrate Jesus birthday.

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Read the Christmas Story Together from the Bible

What a wonderful new tradition it would be to read both Matthew chapter 1 and Luke chapter 2 on Christmas Eve as a family to usher in Christmas day. It would make a wonderful bedtime story with hot cocoa.

Christmas Scripture Writing Plan

A Christmas Scripture writing plan is perfect to do alone or as a family. Refresh your mind one Scripture daily with a compilation of Scriptures that speak of the birth of Jesus.

Read the Christmas story as a Family on Christmas Eve

Look no further than the Word of God itself where you can find Christmas Scripture to read as a family together.
Read a verse a day for 20 days or read the verses as a family on Christmas Eve before going to bed.

Do a Daily Jesse Tree Advent Devotional as a Family

What is a Jesse Tree Advent?  An ordinary advent is a simple countdown for Christmas but a Jesse Tree Advent is where each day a Scripture is read that points to the birth of our Saviour.  My friend Lisa over at Graceful Abandon does the Jesse Tree Advent tradition every year with her family that is a great reminder of the importance of our Saviour coming to earth for our redemption.

Let’s go back to simpler times and honor Christ

Set up the Nativity with Biblical Christmas hymns and songs

Break out the Nativity set while listening to Biblical Christmas hymns accompanying you in the background. This Nursery rhyme Christmas album is a wonderful way to get even the toddlers in your family singing about our Saviour. Younger kids will love Bible Truth Kids Christmas Songs.

Dayspring Christmas

Make a Birthday Cake for Jesus

Make a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas eve and have it for dessert on Christmas day or even breakfast on Christmas morning… because why not?

Watch a Video on the Birth of Christ

We know the old standards of Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, but what about sitting down and watching a video together as a family with the birth of Christ as the center.  Watch a Video on the Birth of Jesus 

Do the Legend of the Candy Cane Printable with Scriptures

Pass out candy canes and do the Legend of the Candy Cane Christmas printable with Scriptures.

Bible Journal the Birth of Christ together as a family

Couple your creativity and your faith as a family and Bible journal the scriptures on the birth of Jesus. These helpful sticker sets, here, here and here, will help everyone in your family creatively dig into the Word. If Bible Journaling seems too complex for you or your littles, color in your favorite Christmas coloring book.

Make a Birthday Card for Jesus

Grab the paper and crayons and make a birthday card for Jesus. Tell him why you are thankful He was born.

Have you creatively implemented new and creative ways to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ into your Christmas celebration?

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Let's create something beautiful together!
Let’s create something beautiful together!

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