5 Minutes a Day to Grow Your Creative Faith [Creatively Glorify God]

5 Minutes a Day to Grow Your Creative Faith [Creatively Glorify God]

5 Minutes a Day to Grow Your Creative Faith- ChallengeIf you’re a creative like me (and you probably are since you’re reading this post) connecting your faith and creativity can be a difficult thing when we don’t have much time to spare.

How can you grow your creative faith and find time in your daily schedule to implement that God glorifying creativity?

I’m convinced that you can creatively glorify God in the margins of your life.

Creative Sister,  Today I’ve got some ideas for you that will take only a few minutes a day! (Don’t forget to scroll down and join the create for 5 challenge over on the facebook page!)

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Write the Word Bible Journals

5 Minutes a Day to Grow Your Creative Faith [Creatively Glorify God]

Creatively Glorify God in 5 Minutes a Day

Are you finding yourself standing in front of the water kettle waiting for your water to get hot for your morning cup?

Or perhaps you’re waiting for your morning cup of java to brew.

Or maybe you want to discipline yourself into creating for 5 minutes a day because you want to make a change and add some creativity to your daily regimen.

Finding time to connect your creativity and faith and creatively glorify God can be difficult but I’m convinced it can be done.

Transform your Creative Bible Study with the Bible Study Color Code- Bible Color Coding Key

Creative Worship Ideas for Your Daily Devotionals

Download these IDENTITY IN CHRIST free photo printables.  You can print them on your printer or print them.
Place them around your home to remind yourself that you are a child of God and that He loves you!

Download the free LOVELY DAY DEVOTIONAL to daily journal how God spoke to you through His word,  a daily prayer and how you can minister to others.

5 Minute Creative Bible Study Ideas

Corral your Bible study supplies and make a BIBLE STUDY DEVOTIONAL BASKET or rearrange yours!

Mark the chapters in your BIBLE WITH WASHI TAPE for easy navigation of your Bible.

Take 5 and CREATIVELY COLOR CODE your Bible.

Worship God Creatively in Prayer

Go before God and learn to PRAY WITHOUT CEASING as you multi-task and do the dishes or some other household chore.

Download the free SOAP BIBLE JOURNALING DEVOTIONAL for use in your quiet time.

Write Down a personal prayer on the back of some colorful scrapbook paper or ephemera and use it as a TIP IN in your Bible to remind you to continually pray.

Learn how to creatively pray using ACRONYMS in prayer.

Creative Faith Bible Challenge

Micro Bible Journaling your Creative Christian Faith


WRECK YOUR BIBLE and dig into God’s word.

Bible Journaling Ideas for Creative Worship

Pull out your washi tape stash and bind a few chapter pages with these

Download and/or color a BIBLE JOURNALING PRINTABLE that fits right into the margins of your journaling Bible.  You can also use it as a bookmark.

Make a BIBLE BUTTON PAGE MARKER  (It only takes 3 supplies not including a glue gun and glue stick!)

Pull out your stash to use and make an EMBROIDERY FLOSS BOOKMARK. to hold your place while you do your daily Bible reading

Creative Worship with Scripture Writing

Read about how to get started with SCRIPTURE WRITING or read the ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SCRIPTURE WRITING.

Are you ready to start creating for 5 minutes in the margins of your life?   I’ve started a #createfor5 challenge on the facebook page.
Come on over and take a look and share what you are working on.  It can be Bible journaling, micro Bible journaling,  journaling and basically anything that is creative.

Alright Creative Sisters!  I hope I’ve given you tons of inspiration to do in 5 minutes!

Once you get started adding 5 minutes here and there,  you’ll find that you will grow your creative in ways (and places) that you never could imagine.

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5 Minutes a Day to Grow Your Creative Faith- Challenge

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