Use the A.C.T.S Prayer Model for a More Focused Prayer Life!

How to use the ACTS Prayer Model When You Pray

Use the A.C.T.S Prayer Model for a More Focused Prayer Life!I paced the floor after being jarred awake during one of our evening prayer meetings.  My husband and I would come together late at night and go to the church to pray. 

I admit there were times my mind would wander. 

It was during that time when we pastored a church in Hawaii that I first heard about the ACTS prayer model and how it could help me to focus in prayer. 

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Get Focused in Prayer by Using the A.C.T.S Prayer Method with a Free Acts Prayer Printable!

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What is the ACTS Prayer Model? 

Acronym for how to Pray The ACTS prayer model is an acronym for how to pray that will revolutionize your personal prayer time with God. 

What is an acronym? 

An acronym is an abbreviation formed from the first letters of other words and (is usually) pronounced as a word.  For example,  FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Another not so well known acronym that is a word in itself is NEWS- which stands for north, south, east and west. 

The great thing about the ACTS prayer model is that the first words of the letters form an actual word to make it easier to remember.   That’s a win in my book!  


The ACTS Method of Prayer is also called a mnemonic aid, which is a a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something.

ACTS stands for 
A- Adoration
C- Confession 
T- Thanksgiving 
S- Supplication 



Acts acronym for praye

How Can the ACTS Prayer Model Help You Pray?

My mind can be a wandering star.

The main way the acronym acts of prayer has helped me is with focus.  I’m reminded when Jesus was praying in the garden.  His disciples were tired and falling asleep.  Jesus said to them in Matthew 26:40,  “What! Could you not watch with Me one hour?” 

Is your to do list still sitting undone and calling you to distraction during your prayer time?

Does the lack of a concrete plan of what to pray for prevent you from really having a meaningful devotional time with God?  The ACTS prayer model is an easy blueprint to use 4 different prayer points to help you focus.

Free Acts Prayer GuideDon’t forget to download your Acts Prayer Guide printable

Creative Sister,  Don’t forget to download your beautiful ACTS prayer guide printable that I have made for you.  It is a 2 page printout with an ACTS prayer printable and also an ACTS journal for you to write and record your daily prayers.  The printables can be a great addition to your prayer journal or tucked into your Bible.

How to use the ACTS Prayer Acronym 

Let’s learn how to Use the ACTS prayer acronym to give you confidence as you pray and to help you cultivate closeness in your relationship with the Lord.

Adoration- Acts Prayer acronym


The first letter in our ACTS acronym for prayer is Adoration.

Adoration is a feeling of deep love and respect.  It means to worship, give reverence to, to honor with devotion and praise.  I’ve heard women and men say that they adore their significant other but adoration is something that should be reserved for God because He alone is worthy.  

Adoration isn’t about us.  It’s about God.  

Adoration isn’t about us.  It’s about God. I can’t stress this enough.  When you go before God in prayer, this is the time to address God for who He is. 

How can I pray and adore God?

What are things that you can adore God for when you pray?  Let me tell you, the list is endless! 

One way I love to adore God is to open my Bible to a Psalm and see the character of God and his goodness as a basis for my ACTS acrostic prayer.  

Some of the beautiful attributes of God from Psalm 103 include: 

  • He is a God who bestows us with benefits 
  • He is a God who forgives sin.
  • He is a God who heals our diseases. 
  • He has redeemed our life from destruction 
  • He has crowned us with lovingkindness 
  • He has crowned us with His tender mercies 
  • He satisfies with good things 
  • He executes righteousness 
  • He executes judgement 
  • He has made himself known to Moses, the Israelites, and now us. 
  • His anger is short lived because He is a god of mercy 
  • He has not dealt with us according to His anger
  • He has not dealt with us according to our iniquities 
  • He has removed our transgressions from us 
  • He pities us, His children. 
  • His mercy is everlasting 
  • He keeps His covenants. 
  • His throne is in the heaven and His kingdom rules over all 

Who is God to you?  Creator.  King.  Love.  Grace.  Faithful. 

Dwell on who He is and praise Him for it.  

A.C.T.S. Acts Method of Prayer- ConfessionConfession 

We’ve praised God for who is is- now it’s time to look inward and confess. 

Are you struggling with bitterness?  Power? Hatred?  Hardness of Heart? A biting tongue?

The things that we are confessing are the things that come between us and the Lord.

Our second stage of praying the ACTS prayer is confessing those things that go against God and his word.  

Confession is simply the confession of sin and there are beautiful examples of confession in the Bible.  

In Acts 18:13-14 Jesus gave an example of a tax collector who gave a heartfelt confession.  I can almost hear the anguish in his voice.  

And the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner.

After David sinned with Bathsheba,  he penned Psalm 51, which is a prayer of confession.  It’s the perfect prayer of confession.  (Check out the entire Psalm 51)

Have mercy upon me, O God, according to your lovingkindness; according to the multitude of Your tender mercies, blot out my transgressions.

John wrote about confession in 1 John and said: 

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.


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Acronym ACTS for Prayer Thanksgiving

Your slate is clean and God’s forgiveness is abounding in your life.  Praise the Lord!  It’s time to give thanks to the Lord for all He has done for you. 

Has God comforted you?  Has He illuminated His truth to you through His word?  Has he healed someone?  Has He given you peace through a time of difficult trial?  This is the time to thank Him for all of those things!

You can also take this time to thank Him for family, friends, relationships etc.  

Psalm 107 is a wonderful prayer song of Thanksgiving that proclaims:

O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.

Are you grateful for what God has done in your life? Let Him know about it and praise Him for His wonderful works!

Acronym for Prayer Acts- SupplicationSupplication

Supplicate is a fancy schmancy word for asking for help.  It’s also referred to as a prayer petition. Vocabulary dot com states that the word supplicate carries a sense of awe. adoration and humility.  I love that.  Our supplications to the Lord need to be asked for in humility.  

Now’s the time in the ACTS prayer method to take all of your requests to God.  No need is too big or too small to bring before the Lord. 

  • Do you want to have a more fervent heart in following God? 
  • Is someone in your family sick and in need of prayer?
  • Is your marriage in need of divine help?
  • Have you lost your job and are you having financial problems?

Supplicate and petition your needs before the Lord.  

ACTS of Prayer Guide- Sample prayer with ActsSample prayer of the ACTS formula for Prayer

I hope you are ready to put your ACTS formula for prayer into action!  I’ve made a sample prayer with Acts below to show you exactly how I pray.  

A-  Father,  You have been so good to me in the good times and the bad, There are many counterfeit gods in the world, but you are the One and True God.  You are the only God that loves me and wants what is best for me. I’m so grateful that you have saved me and continue to work in my life. 

ACTS Prayer Printable C- I’m struggling over the need to be commended in the church.  I know that you are the One who will reward me in Heaven, but I feel that no one recognizes all of the effort and hard work that I do on a regular basis.  I want to know that the recognition of man isn’t necessary and that you see all of the sacrifice.  Help me to see that the praises of man can be a snare and that you will exalt when the time is right. 

T- Thank you for the trials that make me strong in your grace.  Thank you for your faithfulness to me.  Thank you for the trials in my life that result in spiritual growth in you.  

S-  I pray today for my husband’s health. Keep your divine hand of healing on him because I worry that something might happen due to his brain aneurysms.  Keep him in good health.  

In Jesus Name,  Amen.

Praying ACTS can be a wonderful tool in your life of prayer! Have you tried the ACTS method of prayer yet?  Do you use it daily or on a regular basis?  I’d love to hear about it!  And don’t forget to download your Acts of prayer printable!

I pray this blog article has been a blessing to you! 

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