Bible Verses on the New Year- New Beginnings from Scripture with Hey Creative Sister Are you Ready for New Beginnings from Scripture?  These Bible Verses on the New Year will help you focus less on your accomplishments and more on what HE has done for you! January 1st. Every year,  millions of people make new …

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Bible Verses About Writing

Bible Verses About Writing

Inside: Bible Verses About Writing- What Does the Bible Say About Writing “Thus saith the Lord”. Those words should cause the Israelites, any person, to straighten up, sit on the edge of their seat and lean forward to listen intently. Of the 415 times those words flowed from the lips of the prophets in the …

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How to Pray Psalm 23

Learn How to Pray Psalm 23

[ Learn How to Pray Psalm 23 from the Bible for comfort and reassurance during the difficult times ] I didn’t know if God would take him home or if he would remain here on earth with me.  My husband had collapsed on the street of Daegu and had three brain aneuryms.  I surrendered my …

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Prayers for Self Control

How to Pray for Self Control

[ A Biblical Lesson on how to pray for self control during times of temptation.  Don’t forget to download your free Prayer Self Control PDF and image by signing up below.  Check out my other blog post on Bible verses on self control before you read this article.  It’s a great read to prep you …

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