Acronyms in Prayer- Learning to Pray Creatively

Pray Creatively with these Acronyms in Prayer

Acronyms in Prayer- Learning to Pray Creatively Acronyms in Prayer for a Creative Prayer Life

Acronyms in Prayer- How Can I Pray Creatively?

As believers in the Lord Jesus we’re told to pray.
Connect with God.
Talk to Him.

Prayer can be seen as a difficult thing by many believers.

Creative Prayer Using Acronyms

How exactly do you pray?
What words do you speak to God?
Am I praying wrong?

And a question for creatives:  How can you connect with God in your creative prayer life?

We live differently.
We express differently.
We even pray differently

I’ve learned that by using simple acronyms in prayer can help creatives like us deepen our prayer life as we communicate and intercede with the Lord.

Acronyms, Prayer for Creatives

Personal Prayer Ideas- Acronyms in Prayer

Are you ready to apply these creative acronyms in prayer?

I’ve compiled a list of creative prayer ideas for you from some dynamic faith bloggers to share with you.
Enjoy these personal prayer ideas to grow your faith!

Acronyms, Prayer for Creatives

With these invaluable acronyms, prayer can be a creative experience to praise and pray the One exactly how He made you- creative. Let’s delve into the many types of formulas that we can use for effective prayer.

The SOAP Method of Prayer

The SOAP METHOD OF PRAYER is a very well known prayer acronym that starts with reading a chapter in the Word,  observing that reading, applying that portion of Scripture and praying that verse over your life.   It’s one of my favorites.

The Apple Method of Prayer

The APPLE method of prayer from Arabah Joy is a method that stands for attributes of God, promises of God, Principles of life, Lesson learned and Examples to follow.

A.J.s method helps lead the believer into applying God’s word of truth to be a doer and not a hearer only.

The HEAR Method of Prayer

The HEAR method of prayer from Teresa at Ladies Drawing Nigh is “is a very effective, very easy, way to study the Bible while journaling your thoughts and recording how God is speaking to you during your reading.”

It comes with a free download that you can print out and use for your quiet time.

The PRAY Method

Sarah from the Christ Centered Mama shared the PRAY method for kids.
Can I be honest with you?  There’s nothing, in my opinion, that says this method is only for kids.
It can be a very valuable prayer tool in the life of any adult.

The THUMB Method of Prayer

Jen’s  from Being Confident of This  shares a wonderful prayer method that focuses on missions called the THUMB method of prayer.  As the body of Christ,  God might not call us to go to foreign lands to be missionaries and preach to unreached people groups,  but we can daily pray for those missionaries and the people who they are bringing the gospel to.

(Don’t forget to download the free printable she is offering to readers!)

The TRUST Method of Prayer

Kathryn from Prayer + Possibilities shares the TRUST method which is based upon the prayer of Jehoshaphat and covers points of prayer including thanksgiving, remember, unburden, surrender and trust.  You don’t want to miss the beautiful prayer worksheet so click on over and sign up.

Hands of Prayer Method

Katie from Look to Him and Be Radiant  shares another finger method of prayer that focuses on the less fortunate, friends and family, those in leadership and government and lastly, yourself.

The ACTS Method of Prayer

The ACTS model of prayer is a great way to have a well focused prayer time with the Lord.  I wrote about it HERE.

The WORD Method of Prayer

Erika at Symphony of Praise shares her WORD method of prayer covering writing, relevance, observe, relevance and declare and has some beautiful downloads to accompany her plan.

Jesus himself gave us guidelines in Scripture of how to pray in Luke 11:1-4 that we should use as an example to pray that covers:

    • How we should pray to God
    • How God’s name is holy and how He should be reverenced
    • How we should seek forgiveness
    • How God’s will should be obeyed
    • What to ask for

The Altar method of prayer

The ALTAR acronym for prayer stands for adore, love, thank, ask and receive.

Have any of these methods of prayer resonated with you?  Perhaps you should jot down a prayer acronym list to help you stay focused during your prayer time with the Lord.

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It is my heart’s desire that these acronyms in prayer are an easy way to help you to stay focused and have a creative time of prayer with the Lord.

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Personal Prayer Ideas using 10 Creative Acronyms

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