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What’s Inside: The best christian podcasts for women to help grow in God.

I’m a multitasker, what can I say? In pre-internet days, I would do housework and listen to the radio to learn, glean and grow. I would also listen to audio books like the Pilgrim’s Progress.

Fast forward to the internet and podcasts are booming. I love that I can listen to my favorite shows as I do housework or drive in the car.

Christian podcasts are one of the most popular ways to glean information. They give clear direction on how to lead a godly life, spread the good word of God and how to deal with various issues in day to day life. Christian blogs are written by people who want others to know the importance of living a godly life. This post is all about some of the best christian blogs for women.

The Great Thing About Podcasts is that it’s like a conversation with a friend and you can listen to them anywhere.

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  See my full disclosure here.)

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  See my full disclosure here.)

Best Inspirational Podcasts for Christian Women

Best Inspirational Podcasts for Christian Women

As Christian women, we all need encouragement and inspiration. Here are some amazing inspirational podcasts for Christian women that I pray will bless you.

The Next Right Thing

The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman is one of my all time favorite podasts. There is always something that resonates with me from each episode of hers. Emily’s tagline is: What matters more than the decisions you make is the person you’re becoming. Emily P. Freeman specializes in helping you appreciate every moment of life through the lens of appreciation to God and directs you in taking the right next step. I can’t tell you how much of a blessing her podcast is. It’s like sitting down with a trusted friend who is full of wisdom to talk.

The Glorious in the Mundane

I don’t know what it is about Christy. Her words are so profoundly inspiring to me as she weaves stories of every day appreciation to the Lord. Her writing, speaking and music (she sings with Passion worship band and also her husband and her have a band together) is beautiful and her voice is one of my favorite singers in Christian music.


I’ve been listening to Unshackled before the internet and podcasts existed. Fortunately, you can now find unshackled online in podcast form. Unshackled shares real life testimonies in old time radio format that is reenacted live before an audience. It’s so very old timey! When my husband and I lived in Chicago, we were able to watch one of their broadcasts and get a tour of Pacific Garden Mission where they have a full ministry dedicated to helping the homeless and where they broadcast their ministry from. We even got to have lunch there. It was soooo neat! You can find the Unshackled Podcast at their website

Coffee and Bible Time

Coffee and Bible Time exists to help Christian women to be encouraged, grow in their faith, and how to weave God into everyday life.

Cultivate with Kelly Minter

Kelly’s Cultivate weekly podcast walks through Scripture with her listeners and is all about deepening the understanding of Scripture to experience a deeper love of Jesus.

Home and Heart Podcast

The Home and Heart podcast is all about “edifying, equipping, and encouraging women in their journey of Biblical womanhood”. If there is a topic that pertains to a woman’s life, you will find it discussed on the podcast!

Water with Lemon Podcast

The Water with Lemon podcast helps women in their 20’s to figure out the real, the raw, the uncomfortable and the messy with Jesus. With a side of lemon. 🙂

Gospel Spice

Is your faith stale? Are you looking for a flavor explosion in your walk with God? The Gospel spice podcast encourages you to taste and see that the Lord is good.

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Chrystal Evans Hurst

Chrystal Evans Hurst is the daughter of Tony Evans and her podcast is full of encouragement to help you grow in the Lord, make good biblical choices and build a build a godly tomorrow of your dreams. Chrystal is the friend you need a friend for the journey who will keep it real, make it plain, and cheer you on to choose well.


Graceologie is a podcast offering fun, faith-focused, grace-filled conversations to help you know and trust God more. Prepare to be inspired with practical tips and honest discussions that you can apply immediately to you walk with Jesus.

Heidi St. John

Heidi St. John encourages and helps moms to be set free to be who God has created them to be will bless and encourage you. She offers wisdom, inspiration and grace to those who are all-too-often feeling overwhelmed by all that’s on their plate.

Best Podcasts about Prayer for Christian Women

Best Podcasts about Prayer for Christian Women

Looking for a supplement to your daily quiet time in your daily prayer life? Here are my best choices of podcasts about prayer for Christian women.

Praying Christian Women

Whether you’re brand new to the faith or have been a believer for decades, the Praying Christian Women podcast brings you biblical encouragement and inspiration (as well as an abundance of practical tips and easy-to-implement suggestions) to deepen your prayer life.

The Daily Grace Co.

The Daily Grace exists to encourage and equip Christian women to seek God in His Word. You’ll find podcast episodes on theology, living out your faith and Christian living type podcasts.

CCEF Podcast

We all struggle with how real life and Scripture actually meet. However, as Christians, we have the privilege and challenge of exploring how the Bible gives words of life and perspective for the complexities of our current day.

Best Christian Podcasts for Women

Best Bible Study Podcasts for Christian Women

Best Bible Study Podcasts for Christian Women

Do you love to study the Bible? Here are some Bible study podcasts for Christian women to help you dig deep and grow in God’s word.

The Bible Project

The Bible Project is an amazing podcast to equip Christian believers in the word of God. Their videos on youtube are so informative from the basics of the Christian faith to hard hitting Bible issues. This is also another of my favorites.

All God’s Wisdom

All God’s wisdom offers Bible studies for Christian women one woman at a time. Each woman mentioned in the Bible has a story to tell and these ancient life lessons can be applied to our modern day lives.

Help me Teach the Bible

Nancy Guthrie of Help me Teach the Bible talks to some of the best teachers and preachers of our day to equip Christian women to creatively teach through specific books of the Bible.

Jen Wilkin of Knowing Faith

Knowing Faith is a podcast exploring how our faith is founded upon Scripture. Jen believes the Bible is for everyone and is committed to helping the Church understand where their faith is rooted. Jen Wilkin also helps Christian women study the Bible.

Best Christian Podcasts for Moms

Best Podcasts for Christian Moms

Need some Mom-spiration for you day? Here are some great Christian podcasts for Moms for you to enjoy.

Risen Motherhood

The Risen Motherhood podcast helps Christian women discover how ancient Scriptures apply to motherhood through the eyes of the gospel on topics that are relevant for today.

Proverbs 31 Ministries

Proverbs 31 ministries seeks to lead women into a personal relationship with Christ and is a trusted source for biblical answers and godly wisdom.

Sally Clarkson

Sally Clarkson helps Christian moms become the lifegiving mother that they were meant to be. She believes that home is the place where the whispers of God’s love are heard regularly, the touch of His hands is given intentionally throughout the day, the words of His encouragement and affirmation point to lay the foundation of loving relationships where a woman conducts the beauty of this life within its walls.

Courageous Parenting

Courageous Parenting is a weekly podcast for Christian parents who want to equip their children to be confident in their relationship with Christ in today’s uncertain world.

Don’t Mom Alone

Don’t Mom Alone provides resources to Mom’s that feel like they are drowning in their responsibilities and feel the constant pressure to be the ‘perfect’ wife and mom?

Best Christian Marriage Podcasts

Best Podcasts for Christian Marriages

Do you want your marriage to be Christ focused? Here are the best Christian Marriage Podcasts for couples.

The Grace Fueled Wife

The grace fueled wife podcast is a no-nonsense, tough love, real talk, approach to biblical marriage advice. She helps women to reignite their marriages through faith and communication coaching.

Focus on Marriage Podcast

If marriage is on your horizon, or you are already married, you need to learn how to make a relationship work, and how to fix it when it breaks. The hosts of the Focus on Marriage Podcast gives practical, down-to-earth insights based on God’s design for marriage.

The Kindred Mom

The Kindred Mom is a refreshing and honest look at personal stories and practical steps a wife can take to strengthen her relationship with her spouse.

Sex Chat for Wives

Sex Chat for wives encourage wives to enjoy God’s gift of sex by presenting a biblical view with practical tips, engaging discussion about godly sexual intimacy.

The Great Thing About Podcasts is that it’s like a conversation with a friend and you can listen to them anywhere.

Best Apologetics Podcasts for Christian

Best Apologetics Podcasts for Christian Women

The Bible calls Christians to have a bold, unwavering commitment of faith to Jesus. The name apologetics is a bit deceiving because it leads many to believe that we as Christians should be apologizing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Christian apologetics, in a nutshell, is defending Christianity against objections. A great example of an apologist is Paul the apostle in Acts 17 when he shared the gospel with the philosphers on Mars Hill. He took the opportunity to show them Jesus in the midst of all their debate.

Side B Podcast

The Side B Podcast is a story-driven, conversational podcast to help listeners understand why people dismiss or believe in God and Christianity.

Science and God

Biblical truths team up with the latest science to enrich, expand, and rock your worldview. It’s a stunning journey from the subatomic to the astronomical to an unseen universe beyond human comprehension.

As for me and my House

Husband and wife duo Jordan and Milena Ciciotti take you on a raw and unfiltered journey through their lives as followers of Jesus and parents of two. Whether they are sharing truth and Biblical wisdom, giving relationship advice, or telling funny stories of their dogs, Samson and Delilah, Jordan and Milena seek to exist as a platform for encouragement, love, and support for all who listen.

Every Girl Living

Every girl living is on a mission to build a community of women who support, encourage, and empower each other to live healthy and balanced lives amid these challenges. Whether you are tackling the hardest moments in your life or just want to create a life you love, this is the podcast to feel inspired, encouraged, and empowered every week.

Best Health Podcasts for Christian Women

Best Health Podcasts for Christian Women

Taste for Truth

Taste for Truth is Barb Ravelling’s Podcast that encourages Christian women to go to God for help with their weight loss.  Barb teaches intuitive eating and helps you renewing your mind in Christ in life and also in eating.

Strong Confident His

Through Christ we have the power to walk in self control, promise to rely on His strength, and peace to ourselves through God’s eyes. The Strong Confident His podcast helps you to create lasting results through actionable steps, free downloads, faith fueled fitness tips and prayer.

Best Podcasts for Christian Business Women

Best Business Podcasts for Christian Women

Jennifer Allwood

I listen to Jennifer Allwood’s podcast because of her amazing personality and how the foundation of a business should be Christ focused. Her desire is to help build a business and a life that you love. She is definitely a firecracker.

Esther Littlewood

Are you struggling with feeling like you have to do all the things and can’t focus? The Christian Woman Business Podcast will help you grow your audience and make an impact without compromising your faith or values.

Well Creative sister, there you have it!

I pray that this amazing assortment of best christian podcasts for women are a blessing to you in your walk with God.

I have put every effort to compile podcasts that will help you draw near to the Lord. I realize that it’s nearly impossible to compile a list that every Christian would agree with. In times like that, it’s best to use discernment and glean what you can.

God bless you as you listen to the glory of God!

Let's create something beautiful together!
Let’s create something beautiful together!

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