Color Code Your Pens for Creative Bible Study with Hey Creative Sister

Color Code Your Pens For Creative Bible Study!

Color Code Your Pens for Creative Bible Study with Hey Creative SisterThe idea came while I was organizing my planner while color coding pens for certain tasks.  BOOM- it hit me!!!   I could apply the same theory of color coding my pens when I do my daily bible study and devotionals.

Everybody is color coding their bibles, you might say.  That’s true.  But not in this manner.  By putting these bible marking color code stickers directly on the pen this method shows you at a glance all of your study topics.

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Bible Study Color Code Thin

Hack Your Bible Study With This Bible Marking Color Code

And who won’t like to keep their handy dandy pens with the color coded topics on them at an arms reach?

*I’m raising my hand*

Color Code Your Pens for Creative Bible Study with Hey Creative SisterThis Color Coded Bible Study Will Help You Absorb God’s Word

Maybe you’re here to look at the pretty pictures but I implore you to stick around for a sec and read why I think color coding your bible will truly help you grow in God’s Word

Remember years ago when the Rainbow Bible came out?

Am I dating myself lovely friends?  I think so!  But I digress.
I really wanted one of those Rainbow Bible back in the day, but I came to the realization that all of the work was done for me.
How much better would it be if I chose the topical subjects that best apply to me and my study habit and did it myself?

For me, there’s nothing like digging into the Word and mining out those wonderful diamonds that are hiding just below the surface.  It just takes a bit of effort to get them but it is OH so worth it.

For the record,  there is nothing wrong with the Rainbow Bible.  If you love it and it helps you grow in your faith then I am praising the Lord with you,  lovely friend!

But, getting back to the subject of bible marking.

I’ve always been a doodler, a list maker and a note taker.
Writing in my bible has always been my thing and I’ve never had any personal convictions that writing in my Bible was wrong.

Reading is our main way of absorbing information as we read.
As a creative,  I’ve learned that I absorb things differently.
I’ve also learned that repetition is a good teacher.
When we do a task multiple times- read, underline- re-read and recall, I optimally absorb information.  It also helps us with instant recall.

First I read.
Then I underline.
Then I circle and color code.
Then I write notes in the margin.
Then I recall.

And then something wonderful happens.

God’s Word is more readily embedded in my mind had I just simply read it.
Color coding your bible helps you apply it to your everyday life.

And isn’t that what it’s all about?

I love that my faith and creativity is connected to my daily devotionals and is more meaningful as a creative.

A Unique Bible Marking System

Color Code Your Pens for Creative Bible Study with Hey Creative Sister

The themes I have chosen for my Unique Bible Marking System are tailored to my needs and you can do the same or change it up according to your own needs.  Feel free to tweak as you feel necessary.

Here’s mine for inspiration:
Orange– Law, Prophets, Covenant, Old Testament
Red– Love, Kindness
Purple– God, Holy Spirit, Jesus,
Pink– Women, Family, Marriage
Dark Blue– Prayer and Praise
Light Blue– Christian Living
Green– Salvation, Eternal Life
Purple Outline with Red Filled In- Grace
Black– Sin, devil, satan, evil

All it takes is a few supplies that you might already have on hand:
Your favorite bible-  I love my Holman Study Bible and my Thompson Chain.  Another favorite is my Hendrickson wide margin Bible.
Your favorite set of multi colored ballpoint pens.  The ones featured in this blog post are Staedtler’s.I would also love to try these Bic Pens..
Labels- Mine are similar to these.

Are you ready to study your Bible with this neat Bible marking system?
Grab your Bible, your pens and your labels and feel free to copy my themes or make your own!
It is my prayer that my Bible Marking Color Code will bless your Bible Study and help you draw near to God!

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