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Books of the Bible List Printable

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As as a newborn babe in Christ, I remember fumbling around in my Bible during church to try and find where my Pastor was taking his Bible reading from.

Books of the Bible List Printable

With my newfound faith I had no clue where to follow along, and that’s when I decided once and for all, that I would learn the books of the Bible.

I did what any Christian would do in the pre-digital age. I used my table of contents and repeated all of the names by rote.

Yes, it worked.

But in this digital age, we have so many resources at our fingertips- and today I want to supply you with a Bible books printable that will easily aid you to learn the books of the bible!

Yay for digital resources!

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How Can You Use this Books of the Bible List Printable?

This books of the Bible list printable can help you:

  • familiarize yourself with the 66 books of the Bible
  • help you memorize the books of the Bible

And there are so many places you can keep it and use it:

  • Keep it in your Bible to review when you have down time.
  • Keep it in your Bible study journal
  • Print it out for your homeschoolers to learn by
  • Use it for books of the Bible recognition
  • Make a fun game where everyone has to tell you one fact, Bible character or Bible story from that book.

Learning will be fun with this List of 66 Books of the Bible Printable.

Benefits of Using a Books of the Bible List Printable

We all learn in different ways but studies have shown that it’s easier to learn when we have interaction with our desired subject.

Here are some places to put your bible books pdf printable:

  • tape it to your refrigerator
  • tape it on your bathroom mirror for easy review every time you brush your teeth
  • keep it in your Bible study journal

If you haven’t already, now is the time to commit to memory the books of the Bible!

Learn the Books of the Bible with this chronlogical list of books of the Bible

It is my prayer that this Bible books pdf is a blessing to you.

If you come up with any other ideas in how it helped you to learn or memorizing the books of the Bible, I would love to hear about it!

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