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Resurrection Scripture Verses for Scripture Writing+ free printable

This Free Printable of Resurrection Bible Verses for Scripture Writing will help you grow in your creative faith while dwelling on God's truth of Resurrection.

Preview: These Resurrection Scripture Verses will help you write and dwell on God’s truth from his Word, the Bible

Resurrection Scripture Verses for Scripture Writing

I sat at my desk in tears as I lifted my hands in praise to the Lord.  What was I doing that caused such rejoicing?  I was compiling various bible resurrection verses for scripture writing for this blog post the word of God came ALIVE.

Jesus is NOT in the grave but is RESURRECTED and ALIVE!

The truth of the resurrection penetrated my heart and soul!  What a wonderful effect the Living Word has  in our life!

Glory be to God!

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This Resurrection Scripture Verses Scripture Writing Plan will walk you chronilogically through key scriptures to use for Scripture Writing

The Benefits of a Creative Scripture Writing Plan

Scripture writing has become a mainstay for me lately.  It’s allows me to hide God’s Word in my heart while also allowing me the opportunity to pour  my heart out to him creatively.

If God made me to be creative- and He did- surely he is pleased that I am creatively studying and writing out His word!

And the best thing is that Scripture Writing  only takes a few minutes a day. A big win!

What are the benefits of a scripture writing plan?  For creative hearts of faith,  it’s a wonderful way to get the word of God into our hearts.  It’s one thing to read it,  but reading from the Bible, writing it out and reading again, really helps the word of God sink into the very depths of my soul.

Another reason we hide God’s Word in our heart is to keep our hearts from sin as read in Psalms 119:11.

This Free Printable of Resurrection Bible Verses for Scripture Writing will help you grow in your creative faith while dwelling on God's truth of Resurrection. Check out the Ultimate Guide to Scripture Writing

This Topical Scripture Writing Plan will chronologically walk you through the account of Jesus resurrection where you can read, write and experience the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord.


The Resurrection of Jesus Christ and these Bible Resurrection verses are the Foundation of our Faith according to God’s Word!

This Free Printable of Resurrection Bible Verses for Scripture Writing will help you grow in your creative faith while dwelling on God's truth of Resurrection.

Tools for Scripture Writing

This can be as simple or as detailed as you like.  You can use simple notebook,  a fancy spiral journal,  plain paper or make your own scripture journaling notebook from some pretty scrapbooking paper like I did at right.  Whatever strikes YOUR fancy and makes you delight in God’s Word!  I also use my favorite Paper Mate Flair pens because they come in a wonderful assortment of colors.

Resurrection Bible Scriptures for Scripture Writing!

Won’t you join me in writing these Resurrection Scripture verses together, lovely friend?

He Is Not Here He Is RisenThese Resurrection bible verses for Scripture Writing point to the crux and cornerstone of our faiththe resurrection  of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It is the foundation of the gospel and in Whom we have believed!  It is my prayer that these 13 bible resurrection verses in this scripture writing plan invigorate your creative faith and draw you closer to the Lord.

The list of scriptures are as follows, but I’ve got a lovely FREE printable for you to download that you can tuck in your bible as you do your daily creative scripture writing with me.

John 11:25-26.
Mark 8:31.
Matthew 27:19-20
John 12:23-24.
Matthew 27:36-37.
Luke 23:44-47
Matthew 27:44-46.
Matthew 27:64-66
Mark 16:4-7
John 20:16-18.
Matthew 28:5-6.
Luke 24:4-6
Acts 4:33

Check out this video of Mona Freeman and how she wrote out the entire Bible, Old and New Testament by HAND!  Amazing!

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