How Do I know If God Loves Me With Hey Creative Sister

How Do I Know If God Really Loves Me?

How Do I know God Loves Me With Hey Creative SisterHow do I know God loves me?

Have you ever asked the question, “How do I know God loves me?”

You’ve heard the lies…

God doesn’t love you.
You’re not good enough.
You’ve sinned beyond measure.

Where do those lies come from?  The pit of hell and satan himself.

But… what does God and His Word say about YOU and HIS love for you?

Unto Him that LOVED us, and washed us FROM our sins in HIS OWN blood.  (Revelation 1:5c)

The Him is Jesus.
Our Lord and Savior.

And its a current love that hasn’t expired.

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You can know that God LOVES you!

How Do I Know That God Loves Me with Hey Creative Sister

In the Greek

Loved- In the Greek means to be well pleased, to be content with something, to be beloved.

Washed- to be cleansed.  washed, bathed.

Sins- your offense, violation of God’s laws, to miss the mark.

So you tell me… lovely friend… does HE love you?

A thousand times yes!

How do I KNOW God loves me? Because His word says so!

He LOVES you in this present moment, so much so that He has washed you in HIS OWN BLOOD!

What a glorious sacrifice and proof of His love towards YOU!  Yes, YOU!

May God’s revealing of LOVE shine in your heart today!

Love His truth.
Write His truth.
Live His truth!
Journal His truth!
Circle it in your bible!

Embrace His Love for YOU!

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