The Ultimate Guide to Micro Bible Journaling is the Perfect Resource for Ladies Bible Study Ideas with Hey Creative Sister #microbiblejournaling #biblejournalingresources #creativebiblestudy

The Ultimate Guide to Micro Bible Journaling [Micro Bible Study in the Margins]

The Ultimate Guide to Micro Bible Journaling- Bible Study in the Margins with Hey Creative Sister

The Ultimate Guide to Micro Bible Journaling is the Perfect Resource for Ladies Bible Study Ideas with Hey Creative Sister #microbiblejournaling #biblejournalingresources #creativebiblestudy

The Ultimate Guide to Micro Bible Journaling- Bible Study in the Margins

If you told me that Micro Bible Journaling was going to change my life,  I would have said you were exaggerating.  But it has changed my life in a very big way.  It’s connecting creativity and faith in my every day walk with the Lord- and it’s exciting to walk this faith road how God intended me to walk.  Do you feel the same?

Ordinary Bible reading has been wonderful and so has Bible journaling.  But when I let go of my perfectionism and started really studying and taking notes in my Bible without abandon using the micro bible study journaling in the margins technique, there was a revolutionary change.

Learn How to Bible Study in the Margins with The Ultimate Guide to Micro Bible journaling in the Margins with Hey Creative Sister

What you’re about to read is The Ultimate Guide to Micro Bible Journaling- the how,  the why, the supplies- all that it entails to give you some unique and creative bible study ideas to grow your faith and be creative in your Bible.

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What is Micro Bible Journaling?

Micro Bible Journaling is simply taking your existing Bible, reading it, and annotating your notes,  your praise,  your prayers and your study in the margins of your working Bible.  For me,  that’s my daily reading Bible.

As a secondary method,  you can also include  your journaling, drawing and painting as you creatively express your praise and worship back to the Lord for His wonderful work in your life.

If you’ve ever been intimated by large scale Bible journaling that features artsy techniques and long processes with lots of skill,  micro Bible journaling is for you!

Check out these Creative New Bible Study Ideas Featured in the Ultimate Guide to Micro Bible Journaling Guide with Hey Creative Sister

What Do I Write in the Margins of my Bible?

This is the good part!  You can write topical lists, Scripture links,  your personal prayer requests, prayers answered,  Inspirational quotes, Greek and Hebrew word studies, your testimony and victories, chapter titles and other notes.

Let your imagination go as you praise your Saviour creatively!

Fun Bible Study Ideas in Micro Bible Journaling with Hey Creative Sister

Benefits of Micro Bible Journaling

For all skill levels of journalers including beginners– It is for artists and non artists alike and no artistic skill is necesary.  It is perfect for any one who simply wants to dig into the word.    It can be as simple or as complex as you like.

Micro journaling is the perfect bible study methods for beginners.

A living journal.  Your Bible is the living and active word of God.  Adding your daily prayer, praise and Bible study in the margins personalizes your Bible and it becomes a physical record of  your testimony of what God has done in your life.

Can you imagine re-reading your Bible ten or twenty years from now and having your victorious testimonies written on paper in the Word of God?

Live in God’s creative purpose–  You are fearfully and wonderfully made to be creative.  God has created you to be creative and you should never resist who He has made you to be.

Creative Notes in Your Bible aid you in applying God’s word how He has intended you to study, pray and praise.

Daily growth in God–  Digging into God’s word daily helps us grow in our Faith.

Quick recollection of the Word- Quick retrieval of Scriptures will become second nature as you uniquely personalize your personal Bible.

Reinforcement of God’s Holy Truth–  We can readily absorb God’s word by reading alone, but reading, praying, praising and journaling is a wonderful way to reinforce God’s Word in your heart.

Repetition is a great teacher.

Bible Studying Tips for your Micro Bible Journal Application

Before getting started,  studying your Bible in context is necessary and is the foundation of any good Bible study habit.
Most of the answers in the graphic above will lie within the Scripture itself.

There are tons of techniques for you to use in your Micro Bible Journaling, but the most important thing is to keep it about God, your victories,  your relationship and what you are learning about Him and your faith walk in the Lord.

Here’s a quick overview of how to study the Bible contextually.
Please feel free to download this 4 by 6 graphic printable for your personal use only.

How to Study Your Bible In Context with Hey Creative Sister

Fun Bible Study Ideas-My top 3 Supplies for Micro Bible Journaling

My Favorite Micro Bible Journal Supplies with Hey Creative Sister

I get asked time and time again which Bible I use for my daily reading.

I love the Holman Study Bible because it gives me historical context and footnotes at the bottom portion of the pages.
All of the Bible images in this post are using my Holman KJV study Bible.

My Ultimate Favorite pens for every day micro journaling and doing Bible study in the margins are my Papermate Flair pens.

The tip is a little thicker than other bible study pens and I love the bright and cheery colors,

I use them time and time again.  Here is a sample of how they look in my Bible:Micro Bible Journaling with Hey Creative Sister


My Second Favorite Supply are STICKERS!  I love faith stickers of all kinds but my favorite so far are these documented faith stickers word sentiments that fit into the narrow margins of my Bible.

Here they are in action in the margins of my Holman Bible.
How to Overcome your Fear and Start Micro Bible Journaling!

Check out my blog post on micro Bible Journaling supplies for more inspiration!

I have a definitive list of favorite supplies for micro Bible journaling with more details if you’d like to check it out.

Bullet Journal Stencils- Quick Bible Study Ideas

If you’re looking for some quick Bible study ideas, using bullet journal stencils in Bible study is so much fun!

They are great for the Inductive study method or for drawing in your margins.
In the image below you can see how I used the stencils on sticky notes, but you can also use them directly on your  Bible page.

Check out my blog post on how I use bullet journal stencils in micro Bible journaling.

Quick Bible Study Ideas Using Stencils for Studying your Bible with Hey Creative Sister

Sticky Notes- Daily Bible Journaling Ideas

Do you need more daily Bible journaling Ideas inspiration?

One of my favorite things is using sticky notes in my creative Bible study.
I use them for topical lists, prayer requests, prayers answered and personal notes and praise.

The ideas are endless!

Using Stamps in your Micro Bible Journaling

Using stamps in my Micro Bible Journaling isn’t something I do on a regular basis, but I do use it occasionally.   Just be careful to  prep your pages with clear gesso or be prepared for the stamp to bleed through onto the flip side of the page.

I stamped this on a page where there is an image on the flip side and did not prep the page in any fashion.

Using Stamps in your Micro Bible Journaling

Washi Tape-Ways to Study In Bible Journaling

If you frequent my blog,  you know that I love using washi tape in Bible journaling.
Shown below is my favorite polka dot washi tape with a feather planner sticker.

I love to decorate my Bible with washi tape!Micro Bible Journaling Resource Guide with Hey Creative Sister

New Bible Study Ideas Using Stickers in Bible Journaling

I know stickers were mentioned in my supply list above, but they still deserve their own snippet as a creative factor in Micro Bible Journaling.

If I want to remember where a specific scripture is, or  mark when I have thoroughly read and/or studied a page,  I’ll add a splash of color with a sticker or two.

In this example below,  I added a round sticker on top of a piece of washi to represent joy growing and flourishing on a vine.

My sticker was a wee bit larger than my margin so I snipped off the left edge so it wouldn’t hang off the edge of my Bible.

New Bible Study Ideas Using Stickers in Bible Journaling with Hey Creative Sister

That concludes the Ultimate Guide to Micro Bible Journaling!

Do you have a favorite Micro Bible Journaling technique mentioned above?
Or perhaps you have one that I haven’t mentioned?

If so, please leave a comment and let me know.
I’d be more than happy to add it to my Micro Bible Journaling Resource Guide.

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