My Favorite Micro Bible Journal Supplies with Hey Creative Sister

My Favorite Micro Bible Journaling Supplies

My Favorite Micro Bible Journal Supplies with Hey Creative SisterMy Favorite Micro Bible Journaling Supplies

Time and Time again,  I keep going back to the same bible journal supplies that I use for micro bible journaling.

And I do mean every day!

Today,  I’d like to share these tested and tried supplies that I use for my devotional time with you so you can experience the same satisfaction of recording those scriptures that speak to your heart in your personal devotion time.

My Favorite Micro Bible Journal Supplies with Hey Creative Sister

Without furthur adieu,  here are my ultimate favorites…
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My Favorite Bible Journaling Supplies

Pigma Micron Markers
I use these fine tipped markers every day for circling, underlining and drawing.  I love that the lids snap in place when capped to prevent them from drying out. There are also similar off brand types with more color variety.

Documented Faith Stickers
My favorite stickers are by Documented Faith and are transparent so adding some doodling and embellishments is easy.  (Scroll down to see them in action below!) Another favorite can be found here.  Illustrated Faith also has some smaller stickers here that will fit in the margins of regular reading bibles.Washi Tape
I can’t live without my washi tape.  It’s the easiest way to bring some color to highlight a bible scripture for quick reference.  Some of my favorite can be found here and here.

Crayola Twistables
I use these for highlighting all the time and they are wonderful.  They come in a retractable case and  never bleed through to the back of the page.

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Zig Dual Tipped Markers
One end is a brush marker and the other end is a fine tipped marker that is a bit more thick than the Pigma Microns.  They are very versatile.   The black dual tipped Zigs are absolutely necessary and the various hued variety are lovely and can be found both here and here.  An 8 piece Rainbow set can also be found here.  Paper Mate Flairs
I’ll admit… These lovely felt tip markers cause me to be greedy.  Very greedy.  The more variety of colors I have … the better. I find myself grabbing these constantly for journaling, planning and making every day lists.  They are, hands down, my favorite.

Neon Gel Highlighters
These are incredible with  no bleed through the pages and they write as smooth as silk on paper.  I love them!

  Holman Study Bible
I prefer my Holman study bible for my daily bible reading that includes historical info, book summaries and various notes throughout the scriptures.  My current bible is the Holman Study Reference Bible.  It’s large and heavy but is my favorite bible to use for daily bible study.

Hendrickson Wide Margin Bible
The Hendrickson Wide Margin Bible is my most recent aquisition and I love the margins!  (You can see pics that people have posted in the reviews and comments of the Amazon page.  I love the margin width- it’s the perfect size for micro bible journaling.

Some of my other favorite products to use that you’ll find pictured on my blog are these:

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 All of these products would make a wonderful gift for yourself or the gal who loves to study the bible. I keep all of my micro bible journaling supplies in a basket to keep everything at an arms reach.   These supplies take up very little space and can be easy to travel with and carry around as necessary.  I carry my supplies in a neoprene case similar to this one.  There’s something about the squishy fabric that I love!

All of the above supplies are things that I use on a nearly daily basis and that I couldn’t live without for micro bible journaling and studying in my bible! All of these supplies put a smile on my face as I do my daily devotion.  I hope that they do the same for you.

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