How to Do Faith Art Journaling with Children's Books with Hey Creative Sister

How to Do Faith Art Journaling with Children’s Books

How to Do Faith Art Journaling with Children's Books with Hey Creative SisterFaith Art Journaling with Children’s Books

I asked if you wanted a tutorial to do faith art journaling with Children’s Books… you didn’t hesitate to write back and say YES!
And I’m glad!

The beauty of keeping a faith art journal is that it’s small.  And portable.  You can easily stick it in your handbag or tote and journal as you go.

Using Children’s Books makes it a super fast project that take a few minutes to put together. I love a quick project that glorifies the Lord, don’t you?

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Learn How to Make a Journal from a MagazineHow to Do Faith Art Journaling with Children's Books with Hey Creative Sister

An old Children’s Book- I chose Stories of Jesus
Dot Runner or Glue of your choice
Filofax Planner
Filofax Paper- Refills

Choose your page

I like to choose pages that have a variety of dark and light colored elements to add visual interest.  Tearing away the background, roughly between the dark and light portions of the page.

Check your page for text phrases

Check your page for words and phrases that you can use to reinforce the main story/facts/truth of your journaling.

Desired Placement and Trace

Stack your book page and background page and hold them up to the light for the most pleasing placement onto your background paper.  Trace a pencil line around the edges.

Tear your Paper

First, tear your phrases that you want to highlight.  You don’t want to start tearing and forget about those wonderful pieces of phrasing that you could have used… ask me how I know.  Tearing pages, instead of cutting, gives the pages a more dimensional and pleasing effect.  It also looks more textured. I skip using scissors.

Layer and Place

Layer and place your paper tidbits in a pleasing manner and glue them down with a dot runner or other type of glue.  Allow your tidbits to extend beyond the edge of your background paper. Tear Edges

No scissors here for me!  I simply tore off the excess around the edges.
Place your featured portion and adjust/add pieces as neccesary.  Hand tear off edges and Punch Holes with your 6 ring binder punch.

I hope you enjoy doing faith journaling with children’s books!  It’s such an easy and quick project to put together. Here’s a time lapse on how I put it together!

Embrace the Lovely and Create for His Glory!

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