How to Make your Own Stickers with Tape

What’s Inside: How to Make Stickers with Tape

How to Make your Own Stickers with Tape

It was in my cart. You know that sticker paper that costs a ton of money per sheet. And you dare not mess up a print job and waste one of those expensive sticker sheets. The price adds up quickly, right?

There are many tutorials online but I’ve perfected making my own stickers and I want to share that tutorial with you today.

This is going to revolutionize your Bible journaling, your prayer journaling, your planning… who am I kidding… you’re gonna love this!

Are you on a budget? Too late to go to the office store for sticker paper? Hey creative journaling girl… this post is for you.

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Supplies Needed in Making Stickers with Tape

You’re gonna need a few supplies for making stickers with clear tape. But don’t worry, you probably have everything you need on hand.

  • Sticker printables, personal photos, magazine clippings, your favorite online purchased printables etc.
  • Clear packing tape
  • parchment paper (This is used for baking, do NOT use wax paper- it will not work)

Learn How to Make these Super Easy DIY Stickers with Tape! Yup- It’s Super Easy!

How to Make DIY Stickers with Tape

This tutorial is easy, but it took me a few tries to perfect it. If there were ways to do this wrong, trust me, I did it. Here’s my streamlined version of what to do.

Make DIY Stickers with Tape
  • Cut out your ephemera. This could be photos, printables, magazine clippings, tourist brochure photos… the sky is the limit on what you make into stickers. This is what’s going to make your sticker making journey fun. Make sure you leave a bit of a border around your ephemera. You can, of course, cut closely to your elements, but I’ve found it looks better with a bit of ‘give’.
Stickers for Journaling
  • Lay your cut printables (magazines, photos or printables) on top of the parchment paper. If you make one full sheet of stickers, arrange them so they have some space between. They need to have a bit of a border for when you cut them out.
  • Tape- Find the end of your tape. This might be the most difficult part of this whole tutorial. (Who’s feeling this on a deep level? I know I am) Roll out a good length of tape longer than your printable. Starting from one side, lay your tape down and use the side of your hand (or a plastic card) to smooth out air bubbles. If your stickers are larger, you will need to put another layer of tape on your ephemera, making sure to overlap so the sticker is completely sealed on the top. If you are making a sheet of stickers on your parchment paper, take a long piece of tape and cover your entire piece of parchment paper.
  • Cut out your DIY stickers. Don’t forget to leave a border
  • Remove backing from your stickers- Here comes the fun part. Take your sticker between your thumb and pointer finger and tightly squeeze and rub. The friction will cause the the backing to come off easily. If your stickers have sat around for a while, it might take a bit more friction to remove the stickers off the parchment paper.

Voilla! You now have Christian Stickers for Journaling, Bible journaling or for whatever strikes your fancy! Pretty cool, eh?

how to make stickers without double sided tape

How to Make DIY Sticker Application Easy

As you can see from the image above, I like to use a set of tweezers to place my stickers. I have huge piano hands and am fumbly. It helps me to place them more accurately. Be careful. Once an edge goes down on the paper, it can be fairly hard to get the tape up. I like to lay my stickers out for placement with the backing on to make the sticker application easier.

How Can you use these Homemade Stickers with Tape?

How can you use these homemade stickers with tape? Anywhere. Bible journaling, planning, mixed media journaling, on folders, in your Bible, on notebooks… the sky is the limit.

Stickers from tape example

Sweet Sister, who would have thought making stickers with tape would have been so fun and easy!

I hope this tutorial on how to make stickers with tape will revolutionize your journaling!

Let's create something beautiful together!
Let’s create something beautiful together!

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