Prayerful Planner Review [The Best Christian Planner]

What’s Inside: Prayerful Planner Review- A Breakdown of the BEST Christian Planner that Helps you Cultivate a Relationship with the Lord.

Prayerful Planner Review

We plan our schedules, hoping to maximize our time spent throughout the day. We want to be productive and fruitful.

The big question arises, “Do we take God into account with our everyday plans, desires, hopes and dreams? It’s a question worth asking.

Most of the time we cling to our plans tightly and neglect to add God into the larger picture of what we think our life should look like.

Sweet Sister, I’m ready to relinquish all of my plans to the Lord, because He knows what is best for me! Won’t you join me? And I’ve found the perfect tool to help me do it!

I have found the best christian planner that keeps God as the center of the planning, the preperation and the prioritizing.

That would be a win, right?

Introducing the Prayerful Planner.

Prayerful Planner Journaling

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The Purpose of the Prayerful Planner

The purpose of the Prayerful Planner is both planner and journal.
Jennifer, the creator of the Prayerful Planner says,

It’s not only a daily agenda for keeping you organized and focused, it’s a journal for documenting and tracing all of the ways that God is good. It’s a place to keep schedules and to-do lists as well as daily prayers, gratitude, praise and more.

Prayer Planner Quote

How the Prayerful Planner can Help Christian Women

Each daily page of the Prayerful Planner has four sections that succinctly states what the Core Mission of Jen at the Prayerful Planner. Why?

  • Pursue His Presence-as Christians, we should connect to God daily by spending time in His word. Journaling what you have learned helps you understand and retail exactly what God has done/is doing for you.
  • Give Thanks Always- Document your daily journey by giving thanks to the Lord. Sometimes gratitude isn’t easy. It’s then that we must cultivate gratitude and not allow our hearts to become fertile soil for bitterness. It can easily creep in.
  • Prioritize and Focus- By keeping our eyes fully focused on God, we can prioritize according to God’s plan to live a God centered life.
  • Seek God’s Guidance- Be intentional about daily leaning on the Lord and having Him guide your life.
Prayerful Planner Journaling with Cupcakes

In my years of planning, I have never found a planner for Christians that is both beautiful, functional and whose mission’s desire is to help Christian women grow in God.

That’s what sets this planner apart from other planners. It’s all God focused!

Amazing Features of the Prayerful Planner

Let’s dig into the amazing features of, what in my mind is the best Christian planner, shall we?

Two Types of Planners- Daily and Weekly

There are two types of planners in the Prayerful Planner Line. A daily planner and a weekly planner. The planner that I am featuring today is the daily, which I love. I wanted my daily planner to be more of a journal and I do plan on buying a weekly as well, since I love horizontal layouts with time blocking. (I can’t live without my time blocking!)

Grab Your Own Prayerful Planner

Features of the Prayerful Planner

This Prayerful planner review wouldn’t be complete without a comprehensive look into the planner itself.

Prayerful planner cover

Prayerful Planner Cover, Corners and Inside Flaps

Cover- the prayerful planner is about 9″ by 10″ wide which is quite large. If you want to tuck your planner in your purse, I would recommend getting the petite size. The petite and classic size are identical all but for the difference in size.

All of the covers are beautiful. As you can see, I have the lavender striped daily (a gift from a lovely new friend who loves Prayerful Planner) and the floral covers and stripes are the perfect pattern matching. All of the daily planners are bound with brass colored metal to protect the edges. The covers are thick and durable and will last throughout the entire year and beyond. The inside cover paper compliments the cover design and each planner comes with a cute set of stickers you can use in your planning and journaling. Brass corner hardware is added to keep the corners durable.

The Inside Pages of the Prayerful Planner

Prayerful Planner Inside Pages

The paper in the prayerful planner is VERY thick. It can definitely withstand heavy journaling, tape, painting and decoupage. In the front of the planner you will find these pages as (most) shown here:

In the inside pages you will find a title page, path, plan and purpose page, monthly summary plan, purpose worksheet, prayer request pages, word of the year/verse of the year, and a Bible reading tracker page.

How to Use Your Prayerful Planner

Prayerful Planner Journaling

As many ladies there are who use the Prayerful Planner, there are as many ways to decorate and personalize their planner.

Many love a functional planner and don’t decorate at all. Some go all out and decorate the whole page. I’m using my daily planner as a journal to supplement what I’ve read during my quiet time, to take notes from Bible study with and also as a prayer journal.

The Prayerful Planner can be Used in so Many Ways:

  • As an actual daily planner
  • Day to day home planner
  • Home schooling planner
  • Work from home planner
  • prayer journaling
  • worship
  • Bible study notes
  • word studies
  • Sermon notes

As you can see, there are so many ways to make this planner functional for you.

Here’s a sample of the journaling before the pen that I started yesterday and will finish up within the next few days. I won’t add any more decorative touches. This will be a journal of my day that includes a Scripture verse, Biblical word study, prayer and praise.

Prayer Planner Without Writing

Other Prayerful Planner Products

Prayerful planner offers more than just daily and weekly planners. There are also weekly planners, men’s planners, journals, notebooks and matching accessories like pens, sticky notes and dashboards that are complimentary to the journal covers. They are all beautiful!

Do you want to include God in your plans, dreams and priorities? If so, this gem of a planner is for you. Mine has already been such a blessing to me and I hope this Prayerful Planner review has been a blessing to you in helping you decide if it’s right for you. I highly recommend it!

Let's create something beautiful together!
Let’s create something beautiful together!

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