Make Your Planner a Praise Journal!

How to Make a Praise Journal from your Planner

[Preview:  Make a Praise Journal from your Planner and go From Grumbling Saint to One with a Heart full of Praise! ]

Turn Your Planner Into a Praise Journal and Praise the Lord EverydayThe cries of 10 men were loud and urgent as Jesus passed through Samaria and Galilee.  Their voices were joining together getting louder and louder, asking him for a touch of healing because they had a most horrible disease.  


 A diagnosis of leprosy meant they would be separated from their family, ostrasized and to live outside the gate with other lepers in isolation.

Their body was full of contagious sores.  Parts of their body were missing. Leprosy was not merciful.  But Jesus was.  

When our Lord spoke the word, they were healed.  9 of the lepers left and only one returned to give thanks.  Only 1. 

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Make your Planner a Praise Journal!

Make Your Own Praise Planner and Praise the Lord Every Day!People say that I say Thank you too much.  I’d tend to agree with them.  If someone does an act of kindness for me, I don’t want to be unthankful.  So if I have to say it multiple times to get my point of being thankful, I will.  

If there’s one thing I don’t want to be known for it’s for being ungrateful! 

What if there was a way to make yourself BE grateful every day?  What could YOU do, on a daily basis, to be more intentional in cultivating gratitude in your every day life?  

My solution is… drumroll… make your planner a praise journal! 

Praise the Lord in your Planner Every Day!


Turn Your Planner Into a Praise Journal and Praise the Lord Everyday

Turn Your Planner Into a Praise JournalI was in the middle of taking language and cultural immersion.  I was getting up at 5 a.m. every morning, coming home from school at 2:00 p.m., throwing dinner on the table and studying for about four hours a day.  Then we did ministry in the evening.  I even studied for hours on the weekend.

In that busy schedule, I was all go with not much time to give thanks to God.  

But I had my handy dandy Ipad and planner, and started to add sentiments of praise on a daily basis.  Even in just a minute or two of time on our commute back and forth to school,  I could cultivate both my creativity and my praise to the Lord.  In the frenzy of activity I learned how to praise the Lord every day!

Supplies for How to Make a Praise Journal!

Praise the Lord in Your Planner Everyday!There are two ways that you can make a praise planner. 

Digital Praise Planner 

The picture examples in this blog post are all digital but can be done on paper as well. Digital planning basically takes three supplies,  a digital device such as an iPad, a writing utensil like an Apple pencil and a digital planner.  And digital stickers if you’d like to use them.   If you’d like to take a look at what I use for  my digital planning needs you can check out this post HERE.  And there are many other options for Android that are less expensive so make sure to check that post out. 

The Digital planner that I am using is my all time favorite and is the Bababana Planner.  It’s one of the prettiest digital planners (there are plenty out there) and I love the pretty pastel colors.

The digital stickers that I used in my digital praise planner are the following sellers on Etsy:

CCM Digitals -these are a tropical themed set and I love the summery colors

Bababana Sticker Book–  If you purchase a Babanana planner,  these are free with your purchase. 
Another tip:  If you want to use your Babanana planner indefinitely,  get an undated version.  

CreateaStory Stickers are my favorite.  I love these beautiful planner stickers and the illustrations are so cute!


Praise Planner on Paper

The second way to make a praise planner is the old fashioned way- with your paper planner and writing utensils. 

Creative supplies for your praise planner might include, faith die cuts, cute and feminine stickers, cute shaped paper clips.

How to Turn Your Planner Into a Praise Journal

Make Your Own Praise Planner and Praise the Lord Every Day!Now that we’ve covered the logistics of your two options for your praise journal and what you need,  let’s get into HOW you can make your own praise planner!

Have you ever been a grumbling Israelite?  I’m convinced that you can intentionally recommit your will and desire to the Lord by intentionally praising the Lord.

Let me share with you a few examples.

In the first image in this blog post,  I was reading Psalm 119 and decided to make a list of praises to the Lord based on that Psalm. 

In the second image,  I was going through significant trials as I was stretched thin with ministry and our German language and culture immigration.  My praise was a reflection of how I knew that God’s grace was sufficient and that He would get the glory.  These were my mini prayer of praise in difficult times.

The third image contains praise declarations in the beginning of the New Year and how I was looking to God’s faithfulness for what the future held. 

If you’d like to know more about how to use Goodnotes,  you can click here

Praise the Lord in Your Planner Every Day!

Are you ready to praise the Lord in your planner every day? I challenge you to ask God to help you cultivate intentional praise throughout your day and journal it in your planner daily!  

Remember how there was one leper who went back to Jesus to give thanks?  He fell at the feet of Jesus, glorified him and THANKED him for his healing. 

I want to be like him with a heart full of gratitude and thanksgiving! 

And what happened as a result of his praise? 

The other lepers were only cleansed.  The tenth leper was made entirely whole! 

My prayer today is that we have hearts that cultivate daily praise to the Lord!   It is my hope and prayer that turning your planner into a praise journal helps you accomplish that through God’s Holy Spirit! 

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