Goodnotes User Guide- How to Use Goodnotes

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Goodnotes User Guide 

How to Use Goodnotes (Digital Bible Journaling)

When I first started using Goodnotes for Digital Faith Journaling, Digital Bible Journaling and Creative Notetaking,  I just delved in without really knowing what I was doing.  There is good news~  Goodnotes is easy to use and fairly intuitive.  Good thing!

But there were a few things that I couldn’t figure out how to do, and so this Goodnotes User Guide was born.  My hope is that it will help you to get your feet wet in learning how to navigate Goodnotes. 

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the toolbars and what all of those icons mean in Goodnotes.

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Goodnotes Tutorial- The Main Toolbar

Goodnotes User Guide - How to Use Goodnotes (Digital Bible Journaling)

Back to Documents Button– Here you can find all of the pages in a notebook.  You can hit select (top right) and arrange your pages or delete them.  You can click on an individual page to navigate to it. 

Search Button- Use this button to search your document 

Bookmark- Click this button to bookmark a specific page.

The Back Button- Use this button to undo your last action.  If you want to retrieve your original task,  press the right arrow.  

Edit templates and photo options- Choose a new template, color paper, take images and import.

Pencil Lock/enable link navigation- 

More Settings- Here you can find settings to copy pages, rotating the page, adding pages to outline, change templates, navigate to a different page, and clear page.  You can also set your scrolling direction, set up stylus sensitivity, palm rejection and document editing.

Goodnotes User Guide- How to Use Goodnotes

Goodnotes Tools (Digital Bible Journaling)

Magnifier- If you need to see the little detailsl,  click on the magnifier.  To close it,  just click on the x at the top right of the magnification inset.  

Eraser-  Erase your brush, pen and ball pen markings.  Choose your writing device in Goodnotes 

Highlighter- Highlight your handwriting or text.  

Shape tool-Draw perfect ovals, squares, rectangles and other shapes.  Fill with color by clicking on the fill color toggle.  Select snap to other strokes for perfectly straight lines.  

Lasso Tool- The lasso tool is perfect for resizing and moving handwriting, images and text boxes.  Select what you want to move by clicking on one of three toggles.  

Add image- simply click and add an image to your work surface. 

Camera-  Add an image by clicking on the camera icon. 

Text-  Add Text by clicking on the text button. 

Laser pointer-  Use the laser pointer for temporary highlighting something.  Your mark will disappear in a few seconds.  

Color picking with fonts- When you are clicked on fonts,  you can choose your font color. 

Styling Indents- Style your font by clicking on bold or indent. 

Pen/Brush selection- Use this feature to choose justication of fonts, to increase font size or choose a different font.  

Update:  Since the making of this graphic,  I have found three mistakes- 

The eraser is the pen tool, the highlighter is the eraser and the pen is the highlighter.  My apologies for that!  I will remedy this!

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