Bible Journaling Websites that will Inspire you to Create in Faith

What’s Inside: Bible Journaling Websites that will Inspire you to Create in Faith

Bible Journaling Websites to Inspire you

Hey Sweet Sister!

Bible journaling has taken the faith world by storm. And it’s only gained traction since.

There are thousands upon thousands of Christian women journaling in their Bibles and there’s no doubt as to why.

Ladies of all skill levels want to couple their faith and creativity and praise God with their artistic skills.

Maybe you’re an artist- and maybe you’re not. That’s okay.

Sometimes we all need a bit of inspiration to learn from and be inspired by.

I’ve compiled a lineup of my favorite Bible journalers that are sure to inspire you and to help you to create and glorify God in the margins of your Bible.

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How I Chose my favorite Bible Journaling Websites

How I Chose My Favorite Journaling Blogs

There are many Bible journalers with websites that are both creative and influential.

I’ve selected these websites listed here because they appeal to all skill levels and showcase amazing talent and artistry.

I am sure that you will find something that you love to inspire your desire to do Bible journaling.

My Favorite Blogs for Bible Journaling to Inspire You

Bible Journaling Blogs to Inspire You

Here’s my list of my favorite Bible journaling blogs to inspire you. These Bible journaling websites and blogs are packed with helpful, colorful, and of course — creative tips and techniques for you to choose from.

You’ll see many different styles represented in this list. Some focus on the Illustrated Faith type of journaling popular in Shanna Noel’s followers and others are more of a mixed media type of Bible journaling.

None are wrong and all are lovely!

My Favorite Bible Journaling Blogs

Shanna Noel

1. Shana Noel is the founder of the modern-day Bible journaling movement and her lovely examples of Bible journaling are awash in color and creativity. Shanna is quoted as saying, “Yes!!! It’s okay to use the gifts God has given you to glorify HIM!” 

Her old blog is not active any longer since she has moved over to the Illustrated Faith website, but there are still so many lovely things to glean from and look at on her old website.

Illustrated Faith

2. Illustrated Faith is a platform that allows anyone to look through the pages of the Bible in a creative mindset. Illustrated Faith was started by Shana Noel (as mentioned above), and is quoted as saying, “Someone once said “we have translated the Bible into many languages but never to a creative one” and that is exactly what Illustrated Faith is striving to do; provide a place to see the bible through a creative mind.”

Pink Paper Peppermints

3. Melissa from Pink Paper Peppermints is special because she is a professional multimedia designer, artist, and instructor. Her story allows her to share her creativity, and she is quoted as saying, “I now know all of us are creative, it’s in our DNA, because the One Who made us is a Creator.”


4. Sue Carroll is the blogger behind 1Arthouse and her heart towards ink and paint is an expression of love and joy. She shares her Bible Journaling Journey through her creative communication space. Be sure not to miss her doodle tutorials, which are absolutely AMAZING.

Illuminated Journaling

5. Jann Gray, the author of Illuminated Journaling, showcases her craft through creating informative Bible journaling tutorials, techniques, cards, and many more. She uses her blog as a virtual classroom for all things journaling, “You Can. Create. Fearlessly!” Her blog hasn’t been updated in a while, but it is still a treasure trove of inspiration

Heather Greenwood

6. Heather Greenwood creates in so many capacities- from Bible journaling to creative planning. She shares digital and hybrid tutorials suitable for those who want to try out various mediums in their Bible journaling. Don’t forget to check out her freebie page.

Valerie Wieners

7. Valerie Wieners is one of my favorite artists for good reason. Her use of color is phenomenal. Valerie is quoted as saying, “We live in a world that places so much attention on our outside and whether or not they are pretty. Let’s take a second to remember that it’s your insides that make your outside pretty.” Valerie’s expression of art comes from a deep place of introspective thinking from what she has experienced in life.

Patter Cross

8. Patter Cross, creator of Triple the Scraps, creates content about the Art of Bible Journaling that includes Step-by-Step Techniques for Expressing One’s Faith Creatively. Delve into her sidebar and check out her lovely mixed media journaling.

Stephanie Ackerman

9. Stephanie Ackerman is another journal whose journaling is truly a master of color. She inspires women to go back to their creative purpose. Her Creative Soul Panel Kits started out as paper and evolved into the fabric and are amazing! Everything she makes is full of texture and color.

Vintage Grace

10. Connie at Vintage Grace, offers soul-teending reading, prayer journals, and other workshops. Be sure to check out her organic style of journaling and calendar doodling.

Regina Yoder

11. Regina Yoder is a women’s ministry leader who teaches various forms of creative faith on her beautiful website. Don’t miss her replays of her Bible Journaling Bootcamp.

Karla Dornacher

12. Karla Dornacher is an author, illustrator, artist, and encourager and her beautiful Bible journaling artworks are captivating. If your main medium is also colored pencils, her art style is for you. As she expressed, “It is our stories that connect us to one another… and connect us to God… to His story… a story of creation, grace, redemption, and restoration.”

These Bible Journaling Websites are filled with colorful, artistic, and of course — creative tips, techniques, and different styles for you to be inspired and learn from!

A Pile of Ashes

13. Ashley is the creator of the A Pile of Ashes site and her goal is to encourage others to build the Kingdom of God creatively. I love what Ashely said, “seeking goodness and beauty and it doesn’t have to be the same way my mom or sister or friend does it, and that’s OKAY! God is the ultimate creative… let’s be like HIM!”

Little Faith Blog

14. Jenny is the author behind Little Faith Blog, a beautiful and very feminine site that guides Christian women to share the love of Jesus and inspire them to grow in Faith. Aside from this, her site also offers different crafts, and monthly journaling themes, etc., that are related to Christian living.

Hello Jillsky

15. Hello Jillsky‘s website showcases hymnal art journaling, bible flip throughs, and different print & prayer projects that allow your creativity for God to shine through.

Little Decor Corner Site

16. Lindsey is the creator of little decor corner site. If you need some inspiration and want to incorporate floral journaling into your Bible, this site is for you.

Karen Hunter

17. Karen Hunter is the founder of Karen Scraps and she gives adorable and sweet scripture cards for Visual Faith Ministry. Karen has turned her disc-bound planner into an amazing journal and her style of sermon notes and Bible Journaling are so inspiring.

Valerie Sjodin

18. Valerie is the author of Prayerful Doodling. Her hope is to inspire you to explore your creative vision, expand your creative skill, and express your creative self. Her artwork contains color and texture and is totally captivating. Make sure to check out her youtube channel.

19. Joanne Fink is the author of Bible Journaling Jump Start. Her goal is to give Christian women the right tools and techniques for beginners to learn Bible Journaling. She is also the author of the Complete Guide to Bible Journaling.

20. Tracie, the founder of Bible Journaling Ministries, and offers different tips and techniques for everyone who loves Bible Journaling, especially beginners. Her tips and techniques are divided depending on the reader’s skill level. Tracie is quoted saying, “Many of us go through life in pursuit of “something” or “someone.” I found someone when I gave my life to Jesus. “

Tracie and her husband Lonny host a yearly online Bible Journaling Conference that I have had the honor of participating in as a teacher.

Bible Journaling made Simple

21. Sandy Allnock is the author of Bible Journaling Made Simple and she has amazing artworks with comprehensive guidelines. If you are into painting your Bible, you should definitely check it out! Sandy also gives out different reviews that are Bible journaling-related.

I hope you enjoyed this article compilation of my favorite Bible journaling websites and blogs. I am confident that you can make the most of your Bible journaling experience with these amazing resources!

So what are you waiting for, Creative Sister? Create the perfect Bible journal art today by visiting these lovely websites!

If you have any suggestions on adding your favorite Bible Journaling blogs that I haven’t included here, contact me here.

Welcome to Hey Creative Sister

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