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How to Make Paper Clip and Button Bible Journaling Bookmarks

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Quick and Simple Button Bible Journaling Bookmarks

Looking at my well studied and colorful Bible makes my heart smile.  And adding a colorful button Bible journaling bookmark to hold my reading place in that same Bible makes my heart sing. 

Are you ready to add a splash of color and creativity to your Bible?  These quick and simple DIY bookmarks are the perfect craft to hold your place in your daily Bible reading or for decorating your journaling Bible. 

In the 1930’s button collecting was a HUGE past time.  As a child, I remember rummaging through my great grandmother’s button collection.

It was mesmerizing.

Buttons in mason jars,  buttons on button cards,  buttons in porcelain containers.  There is nothing quite like running your fingers through a container full of plastic, shell and glass buttons from a by gone era. I’m a tactile person and love the feel, the sound and the beauty.  As an avid button collector over the years and have amassed quite the collection.

x Make These DIY Button Paper Clip Bookmarks

Where to find buttons for you DIY paperclip bookmarks

Here are my top recommendations on where to find buttons to make your DIY paperclip bookmarks:

  1. Thrift stores-  check out the craft area but if you have time, do NOT Forget to search the blouses and coats for buttons that you might have otherwise overlooked.  Check coats and blouses.  I’m an avid bargain hunter and love the thrill of the hunt.  You can really find some great buttons for a fraction of what you would pay full price.  Vintage and new clothing has some gorgeous buttons that can be repurposed for your DIY bookmarks.
  2. Flea Markets- steer clear of booths with newer items and stick to used goods.  Ask sellers if they carry vintage buttons.
  3. Swap Meets-  not likely but you never know what you might run across
  4. Garage Sales-  I’ve come across some incredible garments and vintage buttons
  5. Estate Sales- this is a gold mine that can not be overlooked. I once stumbled upon a yard sale with tables full of costume jewelry and 1930’s buttons.  The lady gave me everything for a great deal.
  6. Retail Stores-  If all else fails, you can always purchase your buttons at Walmart or your local sewing store.  The only drawback is that, at full price, they can be quite expensive.
  7. Antique Stores-  Ask the clerk and store owner if they have a button stash.  You never know what’s tucked inside of a cabinet, sewing machine drawer or in a metal tin or container.
  8. Ebay (search for vintage buttons)
  9. Amazon- you can find beautiful buttons in a simple click.

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Please see my full disclosure here.)

Quick Tip for Shopping Vintage Buttons:  Find out if your button is glass/shell by lightly tapping the button to your teeth.  A glass or shell button will be gritty and a plastic button will feel completely smooth.

How to Choose Buttons for your diy creative bookmarks

What’s your personal style that you want to express in your custom button bookmark creation?

Are you looking to make a vintage style button bookmark?

Will rhinestones fulfill your need to bling your Bible?

What about some colorful and whimsical heart shaped buttons?

Or maybe your style is more cutesy with these cupcake buttons that would be perfect for for cookbooks or for your planner.

There is such a great selection of buttons available to us modern day crafters. The sky is the limit in choosing buttons for our DIY Creative Bookmarks.  Whether you choose antique, vintage, or modern buttons,  I’m sure you’ll find something you will LOVE.

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Supplies to Make your Bible Button Bookmarks

Let’s get started with how to make your own bookmarks!

These are the supplies that I use to make Bible button bookmarks and are only a suggestion.  Use what you have on hand to see what works for you.  I would recommend a good strong glue (as linked below) so your button doesn’t break off the clip)

Bright and Colorful Buttons
Glue gun/gluesticks or some E600 glue
Colorful plastic coated paper clips in various colors
Feltcut in small circles for backing
Scrapbook Paper and a circle paper punch. (an alternative to felt)  ..

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How to Make Personalized Bookmarks- Button Bookmark Crafts

Are you ready to learn to make personalized bookmarks?  I thought you’d never ask~

  1. Arrange your buttons and paper clips to coordinate together.
  2. Cut off thicker button shanks: If your button shank is too thick and rubs against your book page,  you can remove it with pliers or a pair of scissors.
  3. Cut out coordinating circles from felt (or paper) and have them at the ready.
  4. Glue your button to the button shank and press the felt on the back side of the button to cover the glue.
  5. Press the felt/paper circle to the back of your button/paperclip to fasten.

Always use caution to not burn your fingers if you are using a hot glue gun.

Presentation of your personalized bookmark gifts

These Button Bible Journaling Bookmarks make the perfect gift for any bookworm, student, planner gal or Bible journaler. They would even make a great gift for Mom on Mother’s Day.

Clip a coordinating set of these bookmarks to an index card or a mixed media card.  You can also tuck a set of these if you gift a new Bible to a loved one.  The same goes for any planner- they will look lovely!

You can even gift your bible journaling bookmarks on a lovely vintage button card that you have printed out. (It’s a free printable too!)

Button Bible Journaling Bookmarks

Are you ready to combine your faith and creativity and make some of these super cute button Bible journaling bookmarks?

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In the video below, Needlepointers show an alternative way to thread the paper clip through the shank of the button.

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