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An Epic New Way to Bible Journal with Magazines [Mixed Media Bible Journaling]

Preview:  An epic new way to Bible journal with magazines (learn mixed media Bible journaling with magazines]

Yes, You Can Do Mixed Media Bible Journaling With MagazinesThe lovely flower beds are tended with care and watered regularly here in Deutschland.  The average German’s flower beds are meticulously cared for and it shows during the spring and summer season.   The yards are meticulously landscaped.  Every local grocery store has a rack full of beautiful gardening magazines that I love to use in my faith journaling.  As I stood there at the rack trying to choose a magazine,  the grandest idea came to mind. “Lillian… you should try Bible journaling with magazines.”  And the idea of this blog post was born.  I drove home with my beautiful magazine excited with anticipation for my upcoming adventure in mixed media Bible journaling techniques using magazine.  The excitement was palpable!  

What is Mixed media Bible Journaling? 

Before we dig in to our Mixed media Bible journaling tutorial with magazines,  let’s first take a look at what mixed media art is. 

Mixed media art is taking the art world by storm.  And it’s not a surprising thing that it should make it’s way into faith journaling- and now Bible journaling.  Wikipedia defines mixed media as  “artwork in which more than one medium or material has been employed…including cloth, paper, wood and found objects”.   

Mixed Media supplies can include, paper,  books, ephemera, various types of paints, stickers and anything that strikes your fancy.  You can even use buttons, lace, and fabric if you like.

In the Bible journaling examples in this blog post,  I will be sharing very simple supplies that can be readily found at most any store. 

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Mixed Media Bible Journaling Tutorial with Magazines Supplies

Mixed Media Bible Journaling Techniques with Magazines

A journaling Bible is a must for this mixed media Bible journaling tutorial.  I love to micro Bible journal in the margins of my Bible but for mixed media Bible journaling, you definitely need space in the margins that an ordinary Bible won’t give you.  Wider margins are the best. 

My favorite Journaling Bible is the Illustrating Faith Bible.  It definitely is the cadillac of journaling BIbles and you can read all the in depth details about it at a recent blog post that I did HERE

Yes, You Can Do Mixed Media Bible Journaling With Magazines

  1. Magazines-  There are so many varieties of magazines that you can use as Bible journaling ideas for your mixed media journaling.  The magazines I use are German magazines that are gardening themed.  You can also find single issues of Art Journaling magazines that would look great in the margins of your journaling Bible.  If you love the thrill of the hunt, you can also find magazines in thrift stores, yard sales and at your local library for expired issues.  
  2. Straight edge ruler-  you’ll need a ruler to square up the edges of your magazine pages.  You can also use paper tearing rulers that give a pretty decorative edge.  Or you can forgo using any ruler and just tear without a ruler.
  3. Acrylic white paint or white gesso for distressing your journaling.  I have used both acrylic white paint and Dina Wakely white gesso and love the Dina Wakely brand so much better.  It’s thicker and gives better coverage.  If you don’t have Dina’s brand, you can use any white acrylic paint that you have on hand.  
  4. Glue sticks-  Do yourself a favor and buy a whole box.  You will run out of glue very quickly and it’s always good to have a spare on your work tabIe.  My favorite are UHU glue sticksClear gesso or matte medium can be used in place of glue.   Once again,  I think it’s important to use what supplies you have and to not get hung up on things you should have.  Creating is about experimenting and developing your own workflow.  I prefer Dina’s mediums but have used all of the above with great success.  
  5. Printer paper with your home printer (We’ll talk about detailed instructions soon) or watercolor markers for journaling your thoughts in the margins of your Bible can be used to journal your Bible journaling mixed media phrases.  

Mixed Media Bible Journaling Methods with Magazines- Instructions 

Bible Journaling Tutorial with MagazinesGather all of your supplies for your magazine Bible journaling layout and have everything within reach.  Choose your Scripture that you will be journaling- perhaps God spoke to you in your daily devotional or you want to BIble journal on a specific topic.  Open your Bible to your chosen Scripture.  


There are basically two methods for magazine Bible journaling that you can use.  You can choose a full page layout where you use the entire page or you can tear your page apart and fussy cut and collage.  Choose a magazine page to use as your journaling foundation or choose multiple pages with the same color scheme.  Choose a second magazine page just in case.  Some magazine pages will look better on either the left side or right side of the page so it’s good to have a back up page or two.

Fussy cut or tear around your desired elements.  Throw your perfectionist tendencies out the window and have fun with this.  Remember when you were a child and you allowed yourself to create freely without fear of being wrong?  Embrace that, Creative Sister!  I PREFER tearing my magazines for an organic look and wouldn’t dream of using scissors. 

Below are a few tips that will help you in fussy cutting/tearing elements in your magazine Bible journaling layout. 

Magazine Bible Journaling TechniquesMagazine Placement- 

FInd a pleasing layout for your magazine clippings.  Arrange them according to color and pattern and find what looks pleasing to you.  Don’t get hung up on perfection.  Go with the flow and try things you normally wouldn’t think of. If you make a mistake, you can gently remove the magazine or collage over your mistakes.  The only drawback would be a thicker Bible page.

Try the placement of an entire page onto a page of your Bible and also try collaging several magazine clippings together to see what you like best.  

Distress your Pages

Distress- use your acrylic paint to distress your page if desired.  I like to build up the acrylic paint in the nooks and crannies of the edges of the magazine pages to give it a distressed feel.  I also like to add a bit of acrylic paint on my clippings/collages to make it feel vintage.  

Below is a video showing you how I distress my magazine collage journalings.


Journaling and Sentiments

In all of the cases of the journalings in this blog post I purchased a font from Font Bundles, installed it on my computer and then wrote my sentiments out in Word.  You can also use Google fonts. 

Print out your journaling sentiment or Scripture.  Hand tear (see video above) and place your quotes on your Bible journaling page in a position that is pleasing to you.   Experiment with word placement. If you like the traditional form of Bible journaling, you can always use stamps or a marker and hand write your design.

Tutorial for Magazine Bible JournalingDistress your Pages Again

Distress your pages again if necessary.  I like to add some acrylic paint around the edges of my word sentiments, swiping with a store plastic card and my fingers, to make the edges of the paper blend into the journaling.  I also love that it gives my Bible art journaling a shabby chic feel.  

Bible Journaling Methods Using Magazines

Following are 2 Video Bible journaling methods that I did using magazines.  

The first video journaling tutorial was inspired by Psalm 46:10 and was a reminder to myself to take time daily to spend time with the Lord.  I love the magazine page that I chose because it’s reminiscent of a cozy place where I can sit with my Bible in fellowship with the Lord.  

This second Bible journaling method video is one that was inspired by Psalm 103:15 that speaks about the brevity of life and how valuable it is.  You can watch the entire process video with me below.  

Have you done any mixed media BIble journaling?  Have you every done any Bible journaling methods with magazines?  If so, I’d love to hear about it so please leave a comment and let me know!  



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