How to do Scripture Writing Digitally

How to do Digital Scripture Writing

How to do Digital Scripture Writing [Preview:  How to do Digital Scripture Writing!]

How to do Digital Scripture Writing

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I’ve been doing Scripture Writing with pen and paper for a good while now.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered a wonderful app for creative notetaking and started fiddling around in it to use with Scripture writing.

Imagine beautiful Scripture Writings done on your digital device!

Yup.  It’s definitely possible and it’s also AMAZING!

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Digital Scripture Writing Examples

Digital Scripture Writing Examples Most recently I did some digital Scripture writing in Psalm 23.

We were traveling from Deutschkurs in Amberg to Vilseck and on the right side of the road we saw a German Shepherd (not the dog but a real live Shepherd who was German) tending to his flock.

I pulled out my handy dandy iPad and took some lovely images to remember that day by.   I never could have imagined at that time that I would be able to use those wonderful images in my Digital Scripture Writing!

The top was done by using the keyboard in the app and the second was done by using my Apple Pencil 2Whether you want a more polished look to your Scripture writing or a more organic look with your own handwriting, the choice is yours.

These Scripture writing examples at left are done in Goodnotes using my IPad Pro and Apple Pencil 2. Those are the only supplies that you need but if you don’t have an Apple device there are many other options for androids and other apps.

To find out which app is right for you, please make sure to read my other article on which Digital App for Digital Notetaking.

Yes, You Can Create Beautiful Scripture Writing Digitally!

Scripture Writing DigitallyThe example at right is also using the Goodnotes keyboard instead of handwriting.

Here, I wanted to give my Scripture Writing a more polished appearance so I added some free images from Unsplash that I thought would make the whole Scripture layout look lovely.

Staggering the layout also added great beauty, don’t you think?

This last example at left is more of a Scripture collage, but it is Scripture Writing nonetheless.  It’s one of my favorites so far.  I pulled the images in from Unsplash, added frames, a doodle and the the Scripture from 1 John and the reference.

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