The Best Digital Apps for Creative Notetaking

The Best Apps for Digital Note Taking

Preview:  Are you wanting to start getting creative with your digital note taking?  Find out the best apps for digital notetaking and what app is right for you! ]

Digital Apps for NotetakingHey Creative Sister!
I’ve recently come across some wonderful resources for digital note taking and I have to share them with you!
I’ve been delving into so many new digital things that will soon be coming your way on the blog and this is the foundation necessary for those upcoming blog posts! 

The Beauty of Digital Notetaking 

I’ve been taking tons of notes lately in my personal Bible study time and also as we have embarked upon learning German, and my mind began wondering HOW to make my notes digital and go paperless.  That led me to learning that digital note taking is very possible. And adding creativity to those notes make them that much more effective to remember and study from.

And the great thing is, if you’re old school and still want your notes on paper, you can just print them out.  We all know that writing things out helps us absorb information.  Digital Notes can also aid you in your absorbing information because you’re still doing the writing (or typing).  So whether you prefer digital, hand written or paper notes, creative digital notetaking gives you the best of ALL worlds. 

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Best Apps for  Note Taking Digitally

The Best Apps for Digital Note taking CreativelyAre you interested in learning which apps for Creative Digital Note taking are for you?

The Best Apps for digital note taking digitally will depend on your existing device.  Are you an IOS user?  Do you love your smart phone?  Here are the apps that are available for you!  


Goodnotes is available for iPad and iPhone users and is what I currently use.  It’s intuitive and easy to use and only costs $7.99 at time of this publishing.  You can find Goodnotes at the Apple Store here and it is completely AMAZING!

Features of Goodnotes include:

  • The ability to write in your own handwriting or use a built in font.  You can also upload fonts that you love to make your notes unique 
  • Taking notes on ANY existing PDF document that you own (AMAZING!) 
  • Easy to use folders to keep all of your notes and files organized 
  • The ability to favorite your documents to quickly find them 
  • various color paper formats in yellow, white or black backgrounds 
  • Over 20 papers to choose from including dotted grid, grid paper, ruled narrow and wide, to do lists, planner lists, guitar score and many more
  • Get creative by adding images, drawing and highlighting your notes.
  • Syncs to ICloud to keep everything backed up 
  • Covers to make your various notebooks stand out with the ability to customize them with your own artwork or already included covers.

Some of the Paper Selections in Goodnotes for Digital Notetaking


Notability is another creative note taking app for Ipad and the Iphone and you can find it in the Apple store HERE.  It is currently $8.99.  There are many that say they prefer Notability to Goodnotes,  but I use Goodnotes for my creative note taking. I do hope one day to try Notability.


XODO is an Android friendly note taking application that you can find at the Googleplay store HERE.  XODO is currently FREE! 


Metamoji is available for Apple or Android devices and you can find information to download here from the Apple Store, Microsoft, or Google Play store.  


Noteshelf is available for Apple (Ipad or Iphone) or Android devices 

Examples of Notes Using Goodnotes

And here’s a shot of the interface of Goodnotes with my notes from Ephesians: 

The Best Apps for Digital Note taking Creatively

Here are a few more examples of my creative digital notes using goodnotes with my recent Deutsch Studies.

Digital Note Taking with GoodnotesNote Taking with Goodnotes

The Best Apps for Digital Note Taking will Depend on Your Device- Apple or Smart Phone 


Supplies for Creative Digital Note taking- What I use 

For my digital note taking,  I use my IPad Pro  with an Apple Pencil 2.  I’ve tried using a cheaper pencil because I was on a budget, but ended up returning it and splurging on my Apple pencil.  There are no regrets and I love it!  It is the best quality without a doubt.  My dream is to upgrade one day to the Apple Ipad 12.9 inch screen but I tend to use my electronic devices until they die.  One day it will happen!  

The above links are only recommendations and Hey Creative Sister can not be held responsible if you purchase the wrong app or incompatible devices and accesories.  Please check to see if your device/phones/apps/accesories are compatible by reading the fine print before you purchase. 

It is my prayer that these Apps for Digital Notetaking will be a blessing to you as you grow in your faith!

Read More about Digital Faith Journaling by clicking on the links/articles below:  More articles are soon to be released!  

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