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Best Rainbow Cupcake Recipe-Noah’s Ark Cupcakes

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[Preview:  This Best Rainbow Cupcake Recipe is inspired by the Noah’s Ark Bible story and are perfect for Children’s Church or any Birthday Party]

Best Rainbow Cupcake RecipeThe rainbow is a symbol of hope in the Bible. 

God had cleansed the earth of wickedness, greed and fallen humanity but, as always He left a promise, in the symbol of a rainbow that He would never flood the earth again.   

God’s promises are true!

Imagine sitting down with your children or children’s church students and reading the Biblical account of Noah from Genesis 9 while making and munching on these goodies to bring home the lesson of God’s promise in the Bible!  

Best Rainbow Cupcake Recipe

Whether you’re looking for a craft for your Children’s Church to pair with your Biblical teaching or need rainbow frosting cupcakes for your next birthday bash, these easy rainbow cupcakes recipe are sure to fit your needs.

They really can reinforce Biblical teaching in a fun and crafty way!

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Make Easy Rainbow Cupcakes- Ingredients 

Creative Sister,  let’s get started so you, too, can make these easy rainbow cupcakes.  

The ingredients are very simple and you might have everything you need in your kitchen cupboards! Make Easy Rainbow Cupcakes!

  1. 1 Box Cake Mix prepared as cupcakes or your favorite cupcake recipe 
  2. 1 Tub of your favorite colored/flavored cake frosting but this Funfetti Aqua Blue is used for this recipe. 
  3. 1 package of marshmallows for clouds.
  4. Unicorn tails as the showcase for your cute rainbow cupcake topper.

With This Recipe,  Rainbow Cupcakes are Super Easy to Make! 



Assembling your Easy Rainbow Cupcakes RecipeAssembling your Easy Rainbow Cupcakes Recipe

Assembling your Easy Rainbow Cupcakes Recipe is easy. 

Gather all of your ingredients to allow for easy assembly.  

Prepare for Frosting your rainbow cupcakes: 

  • Dip your knife in hot water to make spreading easier 
  • Never heat up your frosting as it might make it too thin.  You want your icing to stay formed and not weepy.  It’s much better to stir your frosting until it is the proper consistency. 
  • If you don’t have any piping bags, no problem.  Use a plastic ziploc baggie and snip off a corner.  (scroll down to see the video)

rainbow frosting cupcakesWhether you choose to use piping bags, a knife and a tub of frosting or ziploc baggies,  it’s all good.  Use what you have! 

  1. Cut the unicorn tails into desired length. 
  2. Curve the unicorn tails
  3. Push the unicorn tails down into cupcake. Make sure to stay towards the middle and not get to close to the edge.  This will help keep the rainbows sturdy and make sure they don’t come out. 
  4. Add three marshmallows on both ends of the rainbow. 
  5. Enjoy!

Don’t you just love how fast and easy these are to make?  With these rainbow cupcakes, frosting and sweet decorations take center stage and will please everyone!   

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