Make these Cute and Easy Butterfly Cupcakes

Make these Cute and Easy Butterfly Cupcakes

Preview:  These Easy Butterfuly Cupcakes are a Great Way to Share the Truth of the Tranforming Power of the Lord Jesus Christ.]

Make these Cute and Easy Butterfly CupcakesBefore the Lord miraculously saving my soul and the surrender of my heart and soul to the Lord, my life was a mess.  Little did I know that the Lord would perform a transformation of my heart and life that I could never fathom.  

Things changed.  And not of my own strength and power.  It was the Lord’s hand in transformation.  It was a miraculous metamorphosis.

Metamorphisis isn’t a word that’s in the Bible, but the life cycle of a butterfly so aptly describes the transformation of a life by the grace of God.  It’s hard to imagine how an ugly worm can be transformed into a beautiful butterfly.  But we can experience spiritual renewal as we are transformed from sinner to Christian by the Lord’;s saving hand.

The life stages of a butterfly from  egg, to larvae, to chrysalis and to a beautiful butterfly so aptly represent the transformation of a life in Christ.

Butterfly Cupcakes for Spring Easy Butterfly Cupcakes

These cute and easy butterfly cupcakes aren’t simply cupcakes. 

Oh no.  They can be a wonderful life lesson with your littles, for a homeschool lesson or your Children’s Church ministry as you spend time together learning gospel truths from the Bible.  Add the fun of decorating together can make this a wonderful project!  

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Teach the Gospel with These Easy Butterfly Cupcakes

Easy Butterfly Cupcakes- Ingredients

Are you ready to make these Easy Butterfly Cupcakes?  Let’s get started with the ingredients which are super simple!  

You’ll need: 

1 Box Funfetti Cake Mix

1 Container White Vanilla Frosting- Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker You can also use your own homemade Buttercream of Cream Cheese Frosting 

Sour Trolli Gummy Worms 

Fruit Slices Chewy Candy 

Brown Chocolate Jimmies 

How to Prepare your Butterfly SHaped Cupcakes 

Frosting your Cute Butterfly Cupcakes

Prepare your Funfetti Cake Mix  for your Butterfly Shaped Cupcakes as recommended on back of box making 12 cupcakes instead of one sheet cake. 

If you need some tips on how to fill your cupcakes check out the video below: 

Allow the Funfetti Cupcakes to completely cool before frosting.  

Cute Butterfly Cupcake Decorations

Frost your cupcakes, making sure to never allow the spatula to touch the cake of the frosting.  If this happens, you will drag crumbs into the frosting.  (Ask me how I know!)  If you want to add a different style of base frosting, check out the video below.  The variations below will give you great variation! 


Butterfly Cupcake Ideas- Assembly

These Cute Cupcakes teach about the Jesus' Salvation! Cut the Gummy worms in half lengthwise using the colors of the gummi worms that you like best.  Add two brown jimmies to the cut end of the gummy worms for antennae.  The cut end will be very sticky so it will be very easy to attach them.  

Arrange your Gummy worms and Fruit Slices candies in pleasing complimentary colors.  If you have a dark center body ,  choose a lighter color wing.  If you have a lighter color butterfly body, choose darker wings. 

In design, contrasting colors look much more pleasing together.  

Great Ideas for Easter Cupcakes 

Teach the Gospel with these Easy Butterfly Cupcakes These butterfly cupcakes would also make some great ideas for Easter Cupcakes and for teaching the Resurrection. If you by chance don’t have time for all out cupcake decoration,  you could simplify things and make your cupcakes with a candy butterfly to save time.

If you by chance don’t have time for all out cupcake decoration,  you could simplify things and make your cupcakes with a candy butterfly to save time.  And if you’re looking for more butterfly cupcake inspiration check out this compilation of butterfly cupcakes at Cupcake Gallery.

Colorful Butterfly Cupcakes and Butterfly Cupcake Ideas

Butterflies and the New Birth

Would you like an easy to follow faith lesson to print out to go along with making these cute Butterfly Cupcakes? Check out the New Life in Christ lesson from  Would you like to read more about the amazing illustration about butterflies and the new birth  and how they so perfectly illustrate the new birth?  Check out this article by ReasonsforHopeJesus.  

Resurrection Cupcakes to Make! Have you tried these fun and easy Butterfly Cupcakes with a gospel message?  I’d love to hear more about it!  Please leave a comment below or visit me over on my facebook page with a picture.  I’d love to hear about it!  




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Spring Butterfly Cupcakes

Teach The Gospel with These Easy Butterfly Cupcakes Butterfly Cupcakes

Spring Butterfly Cupcakes








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