Bible Journaling Tip Ins- All You Need to Know!

What’s Inside: All you Need to Know about Bible Journaling Tip Ins

All About Bible Journaling Tip Ins
Bible Journaling with Tip Ins- All You Need to Know

One of the most frequently asked questions asked in bible journaling groups is what is a tip in and how do you do a tip in for bible journaling?

And for very good reason!

The term ‘tip in’ sounds super complicated and makes newbies to Bible journaling throw up their arms in frustration!

Well… I’ve got news for you- and it might make you giggle because it’s absolutely SIMPLE!

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What is a Bible Journaling Tip In?

A tip in is simply a piece of paper or cardstock that is inserted (and sometime folded) into your bible that ‘flips out’. Sounds easy, right? It is. But the lowly tip in can revolutionize your Bible journaling and Bible note taking.

Tip In Bible Journaling

Don’t let the lack of knowing the lingo that permeates art circles and Bible journaling groups on social media discourage you or hold you back from making these easy additions to decorate your bible.

They are so easy to put together and once you try them, it will become a regular part of your Bible journaling and note taking. You might even come across planner tip ins used for faith journaling or ordinary journaling.

What is a tip in? It’s simply a piece of paper or cardstock that is inserted (and sometime folded) into your bible that ‘flips out

Example of Adding Pages to your Journaling with Tip Ins
Example of Using Tip Ins in a Junk Journal I Made

What is the Purpose for a Tip in?

Run out of space in your Bible for note? A tip in is your answer!
Got some beautiful ephemera or scrapbooking paper on hand? You can use it in the margins of your journaling Bible.

What Size Should a Tip in be?

Tip ins can be any size you like. They can be tiny- as small as 2 inches square (even smaller) or as large as your Bible pages. I don’t like my tip ins to be larger than the pages of my Bible so they don’t hang out and start looking raggedy on the edges. Keeping them within the pages of the Bible size assures that they will stay crisp.

Bible Journaling Tip In Ideas
A Myriad of Planner Tip In Ideas- Each Tip in Flips Back and Forth

What Shape Should Tip Ins be?

I’ve made them in the shape of hearts, squares or rectangles. I’ve used scrapbooking paper, ephemera and note pad papers. The choice is yours. The fun part is the experimenting!

How to Add Pages to Your Bible with Tip Ins

It’s really easy to learn how to add pages to your Bible with tip ins. Simply cut your tip in from your choice of paper and align the page edges. Adhere the page with washi and maneuver the washi tape so it hangs halfway over the added paper and extends over the Bible/book crease. The washi tape will extend onto the facing page. Super easy!

Tip in with Bible Notes
Example of Using a Notepad as a Tip in for Bible Notes at Left

What kinds of Tip Ins Are There?

Tip ins can be made from regular paper, scrapbook paper, card stock or whatever strikes your fancy. I’ve even used deli bags for my Bible journaling tip ins. Bible Tip ins can be store bought or home made.

Supplies to do Tip Ins for Bible Journaling

These are the supplies that you can use to make a tip in for bible journaling.

Scrapbook paper– these are my favorites with sentiments already on them)
Scoring Board
Paper Cutter
Scoring Board/Cutter combination- 
washi tape

How to Make Tip Ins for Bible Journaling

To make my tip ins,  I either tear or use my paper cutter to cut my scrapbook paper to my desired size.  Then I pull out my handy dandy scoring board to make a lip at left about 1/2 inch wide.  I fasten my tip ins with coordinating washi tape like I use any other tape to fasten something down. Occasionally I run into a problem where the tip in that I desire to use doesn’t have a lip so I go ahead and glue a complimentary piece of scrapbook paper and extend it so my tip in isn’t covered by the washi.

I can”t fail to mention the easiest and ubiquitous tip in of all time- the simple sticky note/post it. I love using post its/sticky notes for notes.

Tips In Example for Bible Notes
Example of Using Sticky Note/Post Its for Notes as a Tip In

What are the Different Types of Tip Ins?

This is where it gets super fun! Tip ins can be used from anything really. Sometimes it just takes seeing things with different eyes.

You can find Bible journaling tip in resources everywhere. Here are some of the places where I find inspiration to find tip ins:

  • greeting cards
  • post its (sticky notes)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • magazine clippings
  • scrapbook paper
  • calendars
  • journaling ephemera
  • gift cards
  • gift wrapping paper
  • and the list goes on…

How do you Fasten a Tip in to your Bible?

The best way to fasten a tip in to your Bible page is by using glue, washi tape or a stapler. I use regular staples but there are also these super cute mini staplers that I want to get.

I have found from experience that washi tape of cheaper quality doesn’t stick very well and needs a secondary fastener- either glue underneath or a stapler on top to make sure it is secure.

DIY Tip Ins for Bible Notes
Example of a Small yet Simple Bible Journaling Tip in Adorned with Stickers

What do you write on a Tip in?

And here’s more fun! There are so many wonderful things you can write on your tip in’s.

  • journaling
  • notes
  • lists
  • prayer requests
  • answered prayers
  • character notes
  • Biblical history notes
  • Outlines

Are Tip ins Decorative or Functional?

Tip ins can be purely functional, decorative or a little bit of both. Most of the time, tip ins are used if they run out of space for their notes. Others add them for purely decorative reasons. I do a combination of them both- I like to use them for notes and pretty them up.

As you can see by the images above, I love to embellish my Bible note tip ins with stickers.

Check out these Creative Resources

The Good News About Tip Ins

If you’re going to add a note to your bible,  why not make it a bible journaling tip in? Tip ins are the perfect place to add personal notes, journalings and prayers answered when you don’t have enough rooms in your bible margin.  

They also are  a wonderful way to document when God’s whispers His word into your soul.

I hope I’ve been able to demystify the lowly tip in. It’s a big word for such a simple process, don’t you think?

If you use this new technique in your planner and Bible Journaling I’d love to see what you do! I hope this tutorial on using using Bible journaling tip ins brings you much inspiration.

If you have a tip in idea that is not listed here, please contact me and I will add it.

Let's create something beautiful together!
Let’s create something beautiful together!

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