Learn How to do a Bible Journaling Tip In for your Faith Journaling with Hey Creative Sister

How (and why) to do Bible Journaling Tip ins

Learn How to do a Bible Journaling Tip In for your Faith Journaling with Hey Creative SisterHow to do Bible Journaling Tip Ins

One of the most frequently asked questions asked in bible journaling groups is what is a tip in and how do you do a tip in for bible journaling?

And for very good reason!

The term ‘tip in’ sounds super complicated and makes newbies to journaling in their bible  throw up their arms in frustration!

Well… I’ve got news for you- and it might make you giggle because it’s absolutely SIMPLE!

A tip in is simply a piece of paper or yardstick  that is inserted (and sometime folded) into your bible that ‘flips out’ and is usually attached by washi tape.

(I hope you DID giggle!).

Don’t let the lack of knowing the lingo that permeates art circles discourage you or hold you back from making these easy additions to decorate your bible.

Today’s tutorial is a simple one- why  and how-to do a tip in to use in your bible journaling.

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Supplies to do Tip Ins for Bible Journaling

These are the supplies that you can use to make a tip in for bible journaling.

Scrapbook paper– these are my favorites with sentiments already on them)
Scoring Board
Paper Cutter
Scoring Board/Cutter combination- 
washi tape

Learn How to do a Bible Journaling Tip In for your Faith Journaling with Hey Creative SisterTo make my tip ins,  I either tear or use my paper cutter to cut my scrapbook paper to my desired size.  Then I pull out my handy dandy scoring board to make a lip at left about 1/2 inch wide.  I fasten my tip ins with coordinating washi tape like I use any other tape to fasten something down. Occasionally I run into a problem where the tip in that I desire to use doesn’t have a lip so I go ahead and glue a complimentary piece of scrapbook paper and extend it so my tip in isn’t covered by the washi.

I can”t fail to mention the easiest and ubiquitous tip in of all time- the simple post it.

Tip ins can be as small or as large as you desire.  I’ve made them in the shape of hearts, squares or rectangles. I’ve used scrapbooking paper, ephemera and note pad papers. They can be tucked inside the pages of your bible or they can protrude outside the edge of your bible for a little extra bling.  The choice is yours.

Learn How to do a Bible Journaling Tip In for your Faith Journaling with Hey Creative SisterWhy use and make bible journal tip ins?

Tip ins are the perfect place to add personal notes, journalings and prayers answered when you don’t have enough rooms in your bible margin.  They also are  a wonderful way to document when God’s whispers His word into your soul.

What a wonderful way to record your faith journey with the scripture that spoke to you!

For others, another added element is decoration.  If you’re going to add a note to your bible,  why not make it an expression of who God created you to be?  Why not pour back our praise to Him exactly how HE created you to be- creative.

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I hope I’ve been able to  demystify the lowly tip in.

It’s a big word for such a simple process, don’t you think?

Whether you choose to use tip ins for functional use or for beauty,  I do hope you’ll share your bible journaling  with me on social media.

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