How to use Coloring Pages for Bible Journaling

How to use Coloring Pages for Bible Journaling


How to use Coloring Pages for Bible Journaling

How to Use Coloring Pages in Your Bible Journaling- the Myth that you’re not creative

There’s that voice again.  It tells you that you can’t bible journal because you aren’t creative… that you can’t draw… that you can’t do anything artistic.   Have those thoughts ever journeyed from the recesses of your mind and spewed forth from your lips, causing you to doubt your creativity?  Lovely friends, I know that scenario all too well!  And often at that!  That’s when I came up with the idea to use Coloring Pages for Bible Journaling.


Inspiration to Use Coloring pages for Bible Journaling

Sometimes I find inspiration from nature.  Other times, colors will spark imagination.  Sometimes it’s words,  a poem or a song.  And then there are the days when inspiration doesn’t come…and I need a bit of help.   That’s when I had the wonderful idea to use coloring pages for Bible journaling popped into my mind.

This technique is so easy and helps me get out of that old creative slump!

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Coloring Pages for Journaling- A Word About Copyright

Just a quick word of wisdom,  always read the fine print concerning copyright when using coloring pages for journaling.  
Never use the work of others for profit unless express permission for commercial use is given.

How to Use Bible Journaling Coloring Pages


Now for the good stuff- how to find and use Bible journaling coloring pages.  Where are you currently reading in your Bible?  How is God speaking to you in your faith walk with Him?

Scan the internet for coloring pages with the above questions in mind.  A google image search is a great resource for free resources.  If you are reading about Peter walking on the water, I would enter enter the keywords: 

“Peter walks on water coloring page”

Save your coloring page to the desired folder on your computer and print it off.

How to use Coloring Pages for Bible JournalingResize

Resizing is personal preference.  Maybe you want your journaling to fit in your margin or take up the whole page.  I usually bring the coloring page into Word-  clicking on the image will cause it to be highlighted and it can be resized by dragging the corner while holding the shift key so it doesn’t get skewed.


I find a pleasing placement by moving the coloring page around behind my chosen page to journal.  The coloring page usually shows through without a problem. Using masking tape allows me to move and refasten without leaving a residue on my bible pages.    If illumination is necessary,  I place my ipad underneath or carefully hold it up to a window.  There are tracing boxes available at hobby/craft stores but I’ve never felt the need to buy one.  I usually use what I have on hand.

You can also use graphite paper to transfer your coloring page to your Bible. 

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Color or paint Your Bible Journaling Pages

There are so many ways to bring your traced design to life.  Whether you choose to use watercolor pencils, watercolor paints, crayola twistables or acrylic paint,  you will be working on a great foundation!

How to use Coloring Pages for Bible Journaling


After allowing your paint to dry naturally or by using a heat gun, use your original image for reference and outline your design. Depending on the size and thickness of the lines on the original design, I’ve used both zig markers and pigma microns for outlining.  (In the example here I used a double ended zig marker that I purchased at Michael’s.)


It is my prayer that this tutorial on using coloring pages for Bible journaling will help you express your creativity and help you journal for the glory of the Lord!  

May you draw close to the Lord as you journal and dwell on His word!

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Spark your Creativity by using Coloring Pages in your Bible Journaling!

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