DIY candy bar snowmen

How to Make Snowman Candy Bars

Inside: Check out this cute DIY snowman candy bars tutorial!

snowman candy bars tutorial

Hey Creative Sister!!

When I was a kid, I’d watch Frosty the Snowman on television every Christmas season. I loved the jollyness of old Frosty with his sparkling personality. Frosty definitely was an extrovert with all that charm and friendliness, don’t you think?

When it came to the end of the program, I was always filled with sadness when he melted into nothingness.

I just couldn’t bear the thought of life without the perky personality of old Frosty and always found it quite a relief when he promised he would be back next year.

Fortunately for me, and for you, Frosty can live on in the form of chocolate during the winter and Christmas season!

I’ve got a cute little DIY snowman candy bars craft for you that you’re going to love for the Christmas season that can even extend through the entirety of winter!

These are absolutely perfect for stocking stuffers, at place settings on the dinner table or to put on top of Christmas gifts as a gift topper.

The sky is the limit with how you use these snowmen made from chocolate!

The best thing is that they can be personalized in your favorite colors or with a name on the wrapper!

DIY snowman candy bars

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Supplies for DIY Snowman Candy Bars

Here are the supplies that you’ll need for your easy DIY snowman candy bars. Chances are that you already have most of the supplies you need for your candy bar snowman wrappers

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Assembling your DIY Snowman Candy Bars

Now comes the fun part! where you get to assemble your snowman candy bars! With different color supplies and little tweaks here and there, you can make your own chocolate bar snowman have it’s very unique personality!

Tape Flap for DIY Hershey Bar Snowmen
  • Tape the flaps towards the back so they don’t stick out on your finished product.
  • Cut your paper down to wrap your chocolate bars. The size recommended is 5 by 2 inches but you can tweak this measurement to your liking. You can cut the paper before you wrap or after you wrap- it’s your preference. With your chocolate bar facing down, place the chocolate bar on top of your paper and wrap your paper around the chocolate bar. Tape to seal closed in the middle of the Hershey bar. It might be necessary to cut the paper to your preferable size. Cut both short ends to your desired length and fold them in like you would wrap a present, folding down the two ends like triangles and tape the middle over the triangles. Tape in place.
Prepare outside wrapper for DIY Hershey Bar Snowmen

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Finish wrapper ends for your candy bar snowmen

Painting your DIY Hershey bar snowmen

Now comes the fun part! You can give your Hershey bar snowman their own unique and fun personality!

Make the face on your snowman chocolate bar
  • Make the eyes: daub your finger onto the black ink pad. You don’t want too much ink to where the lines of your fingerprints will be obscured, but you don’t want your prints to be too light either. Now is a good time to grab your scrap paper from the white paper candy bar wrapper and practice until you are confident to work on the actual candy bar snowmen. Create your two fingerprint eyes. Try some variety in placement. Eyes that are close together look more whimsical and eyes that are far apart look more aloof.
Add buttons and a muffler to your chocolate bar snowman
  • Carrot nose: with your orange marker, draw a carrot nose. Turn the nose up at the end for a more cutesy nose. Little tweaks in the eyes and nose make for great expressions on your Christmas snowmen’s face!
Glue the earmuffs on your chocolate bar snowman
  • Snowman smile: Daub your finger in the ink pad again and stamp 4 or 5 dots to create your snowman’s smile. Practice with various smiles with closer together fingerprints or farther apart. Always use the same finger so your dots will be the same size.
  • Snowman muffler: Cut your ribbon, string/twine/yarn or fabric long enough to wrap 2 or 3 times around the neck of your snowman and then add extra just in case. This will also aid you in tying your string/twine/yarn or fabric in a knot. Nothing is worse trying to tie a knot without having enough fabric! (ask me how I know!)
  • Snowman earmuffs: Grab your hot glue gun and glue two pon pons where the ear muffs will go. Creativity in placement here also gives different effects with placement higher towards the top of the head or lower for a longer head. Cut a piece of pipe cleaner and bend it into an arc. Glue two dots over the pom poms and fasten down the pipe cleaner so it looks like the pom pom and pipe cleaner are one piece.

Voila Creative Sister! Your cute chocolate bar snowmen is finished!

Do you need a candy bar snowman template?

Perhaps you are thinking you need a candy bar snowman template or a snowman candy bar printable. I get that. I could very well give you a template but I truly believe that this project is so easy that any age or skill level can accomplish this craft without a pattern. A template would give you cookie cutter results but this project will result in snowmen with a unique personality and character!

You can do it, creative sister!

Are you ready to bring back memories of your childhood and ole Frosty the Snowman? If so, these snowman candy bars are beckoning you to make them to bring back the holiday joy of your Christmas youth!

Will you be making snowman candy bars this Christmas season? If so, I’d love to hear about it! You can find me on social media so be sure to check out all of the Hey Creative Sister icons at the top right of this blog page!

Merry Christmas to you, Creative Sister!

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