What is the Best Journaling Bible- The Best Bible for Bible Journalers- A Review of the Illustrating Bible

All you Need to Know About the Illustrating Bible- the Best Journaling Bible

Preview:  What is the best journaling Bible for you to purchase?  Check out my review of the Illustrating Bible!

Disclaimer:  I was provided a free product in return for a review of the Illustrating Bible.  All thoughts and opinions in this blog post are those of Hey Creative Sister.

How could it happen AGAIN?   I ruined another page in my Bible as I was Bible journaling due to it’s thin pages. Every single journaling Bible that I’ve ever owned had thin pages that were not durable.

I’ve waited a long time to finally have a Bible that had thick pages to prevent page tearing.  I’m so pleased to have this gorgeous beauty of a Bible in my hand that has both thick and durable pages.

Enter… the Illustrating Bible.

What is the Best Journaling Bible- The Best Bible for Bible Journalers- A Review of the Illustrating Bible

What is a Journaling Bible and Which One Should I Buy?

What is a journaling Bible?

A journaling Bible is a Bible that has wide margins that allows it’s readers to connect their faith and creativithy in the margins of the Bible to express creative worship.

What is the Best Journaling Bible?

What is a journaling Bible?  What is the best journaling Bible?  What is the best Bible for Bible journaling? I’ve had many over the years.  But I recently got my hands on a Bible that was made specifically for BIble journalers like myself.  The Illustrating Bible is, in my opinion, incredible.

The Perfect Journaling Bible.  It seems elusive.  We search and search… and buy and buy.. to find the one journaling Bible that will fulfill our need to create and glorify the Lord creatively.   And when we find one that we love – cue the heavenly angels singing-  all is right in our desire to couple our creative faith in worship of our Lord.

How to Choose a Journaling Bible

Shanna Noel (Ladies- her last name means CHRISTMAS in French) fell in love with Bible journaling back in 2012.  She was hesitant to share her love of creative worship for fear of what others would think. ( I can so relate, can YOU?   Pushing through the fear of what others thought of her new found freedom to worship,  she shared her Bible journaling with others and a creative faith revolution was born!   Shanna is the Mom of Bible journaling!

Shanna encourages Creative Sisters like YOU AND I to “use the gifts God has given you to glorify Him”! I love that!

What is the Best Bible for Bible Journaling?

This beautiful Illustrating Bible is a culmination of many years of experience from Shanna, her team and thousands of woman who follow Shanna and have shared what they love and want in a Bible for journaling.

The Illustrating Bible is different from any Journaling Bible I’ve ever seen- and believe me,  I’ve seen many.  It’s the cadillac of journaling Bibles and I don’t say that lightly

How to Choose a Journaling Bible

There are so many things to consider when buying a Bible for journaling. In this blog post your going to find all the details of the illustrating Bible and why I love it. You’ll also find questions that you can ask when you are looking to purchase a Journaling Bible.

hich journaling bible should I buy
Review of the Illustrating Bible

Let’s get into a review of the Illustrating Bible with detailed pics, shall we?  I’m even going to provide you with some video so you can really see this beauty in detail.

Size- The Illustrating Bible is a SQUARE 9 by 9 inches which makes it perfect for social media.   At 9×9 inches square and 2 inches thick,  it’s definitely not a small Bible.  As you can see in the video above and in the pic below it’s HUGE.  I have GINORMOUS piano hands that can span ten keys on the piano and you can see my hand in relation to the Bible itself.

The Best Journaling Bible [Review of the Illustrating Bible]

The Illustrating Bible also photographs wonderful for social mediums such as Instagram’s square images.  If you’ve ever tried to take a pic of your rectangle Bible,  it can be quite the challenge getting a horizontal Bible page into a 4×6 view finder.  A square Bible makes it so much easier to get great composition and showcase your journaling when sharing your Bible journaling on social media   

Cover  The cover is a semi- hard synthetic leather green that has a tiny hint of teal in it.  The faux leather grain makes it easy to wipe down and I’m sure that if paint dried on the cover The Best Journaling Bible [Review of the Illustrating Bible]it would be easy to scrape off.  The cover seems very resistant to stains.  Many have stated that they love the pink original release cover but the darker color is more beneficial because it is stain resistant than a lighter color.   The inside covers feature a luxurious faux suede that slightly crushes when you brush your finger against it.

Page Thickness-  If you’ve ever done any Bible journaling, I’m sure you’ve found the pages of an ordinary Bibles (even other journaling Bibles) to be super thin. Perhaps you’ve even had some pens, markers and paint bleed through onto the back side of the page.   The pages of the Illustrating Bible are 75% thicker compared to an ordinary Bible and of incredible quality. When I first took a Bible page in hand,  it seemed like a very thin card stock to me.  Since the paper of the Illustrating Bible is much thicker, it takes paint, watercolors, markers and gelatos with less bleed through.  (always test before working in your Bible just in case!)

The Best Journaling Bible for Bible Journalers

In the examples that I’m sharing today of my Proverbs 31 woman,  I saturated the page and worked with tons of water.  There was a bit of buckling of the page but it held it’s shape so much better than the ordinary Bible pages. The images shown in this blog post were taken right after they dried. With the Bible being closed and the Bible weight, the pages are now flatter.

Margin Page Width- The margins of the Illustrating Bible are 3 3/4 wide which is almost half the width of the entire span of the page.  It’s the perfect place to showcase your Bible journaling.  For Bible journalers that don’t like to journal over the word of God,  the ample margins leave you with enough room for creative worship and writing in the margins of your Bible.

Illustrating Bible Review- Which Bible is the Best for Bible Journaling?

Single Column Journaling Bible-  The Margins of the Illustrating Bible are Single column.  Double columns in a journaling Bible are great, but the white strip in the middle of the page can look odd showing through your artwork.  With a single column page, you can definitely avoid that.

Review of Illustrating Bible- Which Journaling Bible is the Best for Me?

Page Color-  This is a biggie, Creative Sister!  The pages of the Illustrating Bible are WHITE.  Yes, WHITE!  My first Journaling Bible had yellow pages which wasn’t a feature that I loved- the yellow pages looked old and dingy.   With white pages, colors look true to life and look better.  Your Bible artwork will SHINE!

The Best Journaling Bible- Review of the Illustrating Bible

Bible Version-  The Illustrating Bible contains the CSB (Christian Standard Bible) Version which is derived from the Holman Christian Standard Bible.  For reading, my preference is my beloved King James Version Bible.  Seeing as this is a journaling Bible and not one that I would read or study from, the translation is not an issue for me.

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The Best Journaling Bible- Review of the Illustrating Bible

Spiral Bound Journaling Bible- One of the greatest features of the Illustrating Bible is that it is a spiral bound journaling Bible that lies flat.  The brass colored rings are very durable.   Gone is the struggle to journal while holding your pages open with one hand or the necessity to need to use clips to hold your pages open and flat.  The Illustrating Bible will never close up on itself which makes it a joy to work with.

Font of the Illustrating Bible-  The font of the Illustrating Bible is fairly small but the font style is very bold which makes it readable.  I am extremely far sighted and have no difficulty in reading the text at all.

The Differences Between the First and Second Release of the Illustrating Bible

I have seen a few comments that the first version of the Illustrating Bible is preferred over this new release.  I would definitely have to disagree.

Illustrated Faith has made changes to this second version that make it a better Journaling Bible than the previous version.

Some of the newer and better features include:

  • Darker color cover-  won’t show scuffs, bumps and marks
  • Easy to wipe down
  • There is more space for you to write your name and journal on the presentation page
  • The names for each book of the Bible are smaller and take up less of the page which results in you having more space to journal and take notes
  • There is a MUCH larger supply amount with this version and supplies won’t run out as quickl

Best Bible For Bible Study

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Illustrating Bible is the best Bible for Bible journaling.  No more torn pages.  Gone is the frustration of wrecking your Bible pages.

The Illustrating Bible isn’t just a Bible for Bible Journaling.  With it’s wide margins and plenty of space to write, it makes the Best Bible for Bible Study.  It truly is versatile!

The Best Journaling Bible- Review of the Illustrating Bible

It is my hope and prayer that this Illustrated Bible review will help you pick out the Best Journaling Bible.   I highly recommend it!

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