How to do Digital Bible Journaling in Goodnotes

How to Digital Bible Journal

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Learn How to Digital Bible Journal

If you’ve been a reader of Hey Creative Sister for any length of time,  you know how much I love Bible journaling.

In fact, I love exploring new means of creativity, so imagine my surprise when I discovered that I could combine my love of Bible art journaling in my Bible and express my faith as a digital Bible journal!

Creative Sister, It was like a dream come true!

And today I want to share with you exactly how you can also digitally Bible journal, and do it easily because this method is PERFECT for beginners.

(By the way,  this blog post is image heavy!  Make sure to scroll down all the way to the end of the article to see all pics!)

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Supplies for Bible Journaling Digitally

Supplies for Digital Bible JournalingThere are many ways to digital Bible journal, but the method I am focusing on today focuses on the Apple IOS.  If you’re not an Apple user,  all hope is not lost!

You can check out my other blog post with many other options and you can still do the same thing but using a different app and your smart phone.

You can also scroll down for a table of contents to the whole series on digital journaling here on the Hey Creative Sister blog.

The Four main supplies I use for Bible Journaling on my iPad:

The first main supplies that I use to digital journal is a digital copy of the Bible, and I’m more than pleased to tell you that the Remarkable Bible is a free resource for all to use!  Praise the Lord for that!

Three other supplies I use in are my Ipad. an Apple Pencil and the Goodnotes app.

It isn’t necessary to have the most expensive Ipad,  but you can also get one with less memory if you are on a budget.

How to Get Started with Digital Bible Journaling Additional Supplies for Digital Bible Journaling:

Some additional supplies that I like to use are digital stickers.  The ones that I have used in this blog post come from:

  1. CCM Digitals – I love the tropical colors and theme.
  2. Bababana has cute  Sticker Books–  I purchased a digital planner from Babanana and these cute stickers are free with purchase.
  3. The CreateaStory Stickers are super cute and their ladies are super cute in the margins of your Bible.

Bible Journaling Digitally with Planner Stickers

Learn How to Easily Bible Journal Digitally using Goodnotes!

Benefits of Digital Bible Journaling

How to Get Started with Digital Bible Journaling

First, download Goodnotes and familiarize yourself with the app.  I have a blog post with all of the details about learning Goodnotes HERE.

Now you know what supplies you need… so what do you do when you’re digging into God’s word during your daily devotional time?

What do you do when God’s word speaks to your heart and soul like only the Holy Spirit can do?
As a creative, you do what comes natural,  you journal it!

There are basically two ways you can journal digitally.

  • How to Get Started with Digital Bible Journaling If you have little art expertise,or want to journal in a hurry,  the easiest way to journal on your ipad is by using planner stickers.  You can simply download a set of your choice (see links above) and use them to your heart’s desire.  Play with adding text, uploading fonts,  practicing your handwriting and adding digital stickers.  You can combine multiple stickers to make things look visually interesting.
  • If you have experience in drawing, doodling and lettering,  you can be creative in the margins of your digital Bible.

How to Do a Digital Bible JournalBenefits of Digital bible journaling

There are so many benefits of digital Bible journaling compared to ordinary Bible journaling.

It’s easy to transport and you can keep your Bible, your pens, your stickers and ephemera tucked inside your purse or planner bag.  It’s also lightweight!

There are no supplies to drag out and put away which means no clean up.

Digital Micro Bible Journaling Journaling in your iPad means that you can do so everywhere and anywhere.  Journal at the park.  Journal on the bus.  Journal while waiting for a flight at the airport.  The places you can journal are limitless.

Although there is a cost for purchasing your digital supplies,  you’ll probably be using your iPad for other things so the cost isn’t as much as you probably think.  And imagine not having to buy paints, ephemera, stamps, stamp pads, etc.  The cost of a Bible to journal in can also be quite costly.

Well Creative Sister,  I hope this resource on how to Bible journal digitally has given you many ideas to execute!  It is my prayer that digitally journaling will help you draw near to the Lord and express your faith!

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