Pastel Stained Glass- Free Bokeh Backgrounds from Hey Creative Sister

Complimentary Pastel Stained Glass Bokeh Backgrounds

Pastel Stained Glass- Free Bokeh Backgrounds from Hey Creative SisterFree Bokeh Backgrounds

Are you in need of some unique design elements to shake up your desire to create?Are you looking for something magical and feminine?  I’ve created  these 10 Stained Glass Free Bokeh Backgrounds just for YOU!

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There are so many things that these can be used for:
Blog Promotional Graphics
Light Leaks in Photoshop
Backgrounds on Inspirational Quotes
Gradient Layers in Photoshop
…and the list goes on…

I hope these inspire you to make something unique and different.

Would you like to check out some other textures that you can use creatively in your photography?  Check out these beautiful elements from My Lovely Sister, Call Me Stacya and Dolly Potterson.

Pastel Stained Glass Background Example

I hope these free bokeh backgrounds are a blessing to you and I can’t wait to see what wonderful things you create!

Please hashtag #embracingthelovely or link  on social media if you use these!
I love giving and I’d love to bless many others in the future with more graphics and goodies!

It’s truly appreciated and I thank you KINDLY!
Previously, these were offered as an opt in,
but now are available simply by right clicking and saving them to your computer.
Scroll down to the end of this post, and for each image,  right click>save as> and download.

And now about the fine print:
You are free to use these images for personal use.
You may not sell these, pass them along as you have received them or use them for any monetary gain or in a project for monetary gain.
These images may not be uploaded or used on any free graphics site.   Enjoy!


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