3 Necessary Supplies for Digital Notetaking and Digital Journaling

Necessary Supplies for Digital Journaling

[Preview:  Are you wanting to know which supplies for digital journaling you need?  Here’s where you can find out exactly what I use!]

Digital Faith Journaling Supplies

Digital note taking and Digital journaling has become a major creative process in my life and it’s totally amazing!  It’s portable so there is no need for storing supplies.  And it’s still imaginative so it keeps those creative juices flowing.    

I’ve found that there are a few Digital Faith Journaling supplies necessary for me while doing digital note taking and digital journaling, and I’d like to share those with you today. 

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Example of Digital Journaling- God is Enough.

Supplies for Digital Journaling- My iPad

My  IPad Pro is my favorite device. I take my ipad everywhere and it has so many functionalities.  It’s my alarm clock.  It’s my Bible.  It’s my Concordance.  It’s my internet.  It’s my camera as I wander the old towns of Germany.  It’s my nightlight as I walk down the stairs to the kitchen for a late night snack.  (true story) 

My iPad is also my device on which I take notes and do digital journaling.  It’s amazing that it can be used in such a variety of ways, particularly journaling! The interface of the iPad is so intuitive and easy to use.  

My dream is to upgrade one day to the Apple Ipad 12.9 inch screen but I tend to use my electronic devices until they die.  One day it will happen!  

3 Digital Journaling Supplies for Digital Journaling



Faith Journaling Example

Digital Supplies for Digital Journaling- Application

Goodnotes is my app of choice because that’s what I first started digital faith journaling with.  But there are many other apps that you can use depending on your device and phone type.  You can check out a whole list of apps in a previous article I wrote about which app to choose for digital notetaking HERE.  

Supplies for Digital Journaling-Apple Pen or Other digital surface Writing Device

Choosing a stylus and/or writing device is key to how your journey in digital note taking and journaling will fare.  I purchased a Bamboo stylus due to the price and it was awful.  It skipped.  It was so bad that I can’t even recommend it to you, creative Sister!  It wasn’t one day before I skipped on back to our local electronics mart and returned that thing for an  Apple Pencil 2 which far exceeds my expectations.  For that reason I would highly recommend it. 

Alrighty Creative Sister,  these three items will get you started with Digital Faith Journaling and also Creative Note taking.  If you do any journaling please let me know!  I’ve got another post coming at you in the future on how to do digital faith journaling!

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Let's create something beautiful together!
Let’s create something beautiful together!

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