These 15 Ham Recipes with Leftovers are perfect any time of the year and will make your dinner a snap to put on the table- with Hey Creative Sister

15 Ham Recipes with Leftovers


Preview: These 15 Ham Recipes with Leftovers are perfect any time of the year and will make your dinner a snap to put on the table! small>

These 15 Ham Recipes with Leftovers are perfect any time of the year and will make your dinner a snap to put on the table- with Hey Creative Sister

Ham Recipes with Leftovers

If you’re like me, when the hunger pangs hit,  you peak into the refrigerator, snatch out a piece of leftover ham and pop it in your mouth.  Then you go on your merry way because the beast of hunger is tamed.

Do you have tons of ham leftovers from Thanksgiving or Christmas?  Or hey,  it could be the middle of summer.  (Who really cares what time of year, right?)

But one thing is for sure- a meal should be more than popping a piece of ham into your mouth.

If you’re getting weary of ham popping, you know the fam is also  getting weary of ham, ham, and ham.
Let’s solve that problem of what to have for dinner to bring new life to those ham leftovers.

Let’s turn that mountain of ham into a centerpiece for your family’s next dinner as you sit around the table.
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These 15 Recipes with Leftover Ham are perfect any time of the year and will make your dinner a snap to put on the table- with Hey Creative Sister

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Recipes with Leftover Ham

I’ve compiled these 15 creative Ham Recipes with Leftovers to help you get a great dinner on the table with those leftovers from ham.
No more peaking inside the refrigerator to pop a piece of ham in your mouth.

1.  Leftover Ham Turnovers

These LEFTOVER HAM TURNOVERS from The Typical Mom are super easy to put together with a base of refrigerated crescent rolls and cheese.  Who doesn’t love flaky dough, ham and cheese all rolled up into one?  The total prep and bake time is 20 minutes so you can have dinner on the table fast.  They would also work well for ladies fellowship or tucked into a lunch box.


2.  Hawaiian Fried Rice 

My mouth is starting to water and I’m thinking back to my days of living in Hawaii with ono kine grindz and HAWAIIAN FRIED RICE is one of them.  Jillian pairs leftover ham, fresh veggies and fresh pineapple for a special main or side dish.


3.  Cheese and Ham Scalloped Potatoes

Sarah at Must Have Mom has a wonderful CHEESY SCALLOPED POTATO AND HAM Recipe that takes the simple potato scallop and can turn it into a full blown meal with the addition of a salad.  It’s a down home stick to your ribs kind of recipe with tons of meat.


4.  Ham and Cheese Club Sandwich Tutorial

There is no skimping as Bunny’s Warm Oven takes the average club sandwich over the top, by using 8 layers of goodness that include a tutorial for a HAM AND CHEESE CLUB SANDWICH.  


5.  Egg and Cheese Breakfast Casserole 

I love me some breakfast casseroles and Happy Brown House has an EGG AND CHEESE BREAKFAST CASSEROLE  that use your choice of rolls or bread that can be assembled the night before.  Pop into the oven for 40 minutes and breakfast is on the table.


6.  Ham and Ravioli Casserole 

I love ingenuity.  And Find Time to Fly has put together a HAM AND CHEESE RAVIOLI casserole with some readily available ingredients that make a super quick main or side dish.  It’s also perfect for potlucks.


7.  Ham and Cheese Tortellini 

Double cheese?  Yes, please!  This HAM AND CHEESE TORTELLINI  Ham and Cheese Tortellini by 4 Sons ‘R’ Us  has cheese inside of the tortellini and cream cheese in the sauce.  It’s easy and super quick to throw together.


8.  Ham and Potato Soup

Another great recipe from The Typical Mom Blog,  what really sets HAM AND POTATO SOUP apart is that it’s a cream based soup and is a bit more stick to the ribs.


9.  Ham and Spinach Pasta 

This HAM AND SPINACH PASTA by Organized Island is a mix of starch, veggie and meat that is a bit lighter than it’s high fat counterpart.


10.  Iowa Ham Salad

Jamie over at Love Bakes Good Cakes has a great recipe for HAM SALAD that will go on both bread and crackers.  I love how she whips it  up in a food processor to make all the chunks the same, uniform size.


11.  Cheesy Ham and Egg Salad Sandwiches

Another Egg Salad recipe with a twist.  This CHEESY HAM AND EGG SALAD with leftover ham would be also be great on some sweet Hawaiian bread.


12.  Ham and Egg Salad 

I love a good Egg salad.  And adding some extra protein is good for more longevity and time between meals.  Check out these HAM AND EGG SANDWICHES that are reminiscent of Ham and Egg sliders from


13.  Navy Beans and Ham

Beans are a staple in every kitchen and this NAVY BEANS AND HAM slow cooker recipe from Crystal and Comp looks yummy! Using dry beans makes it a very economical meal that really stretches a dollar.


14.  Ham with Apples and Rice 

Sweet and Savory is a great combination for the latter part of the year  and this HAM WITH APPLES AND RICE  from Feels Like Home recipe looks great.


15.  Slow Cooker Ham Soup

Don’t throw away that Ham bone!  The marrow in the bone (and the bits of meat on the bone) can be frozen in a plastic bag and used for this SLOW COOKER HAM SOUP by Thrifty Northwest Mom.


16.  Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup

This TRADITIONAL SPLIT PEA SOUP by Home Cooking Memories is perfect for story winter days when you need something to warm up.

Questions about Freezing Ham for Leftovers

Is ham freezable?

By all means, YES!
I usually slice it into serving size slices and put enough in a freezer gallon or quart bag with enough meat for one dinner to make life easier.  It defrosts quickly and can be microwaved or fried in oil for another quick dinner option.


Ham Recipes- Leftovers

The bonus perk about these Ham recipes with leftovers is that the meat is already cooked, making them both frugal and time saving.

Yay for leftover ham to the rescue!

Which of these 15 Ham Recipes with leftovers are you going to try first?

Embrace the Lovely and Create for His Glory!

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