Is Photoshop Intimidating? Learn How to Make Your Own Facebook Cover Photo in Adobe Photoshop with Hey Creative Sister

How to Make a Facebook Group Cover Photo in Photoshop

Is Photoshop Intimidating? Learn How to Make Your Own Facebook Cover Photo in Adobe Photoshop with Hey Creative SisterHow to Make Your Own Facebook Cover Photo

Yes, you CAN make your own Facebook cover photo in Photoshop!

So many bloggers and budding photographers own a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud and use Picmonkey or Canva instead.

It makes me scratch my head and wonder why such a powerful program is left languishing on their desktop, laptop or macbook…especially when it’s already paid for.

Photoshop is THE most powerful image editing program and has so much capability compared to other photo editing programs online.  I want to challenge you to dust that wonderful program off and boot it up!  You’re in for a real treat!

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Photoshop isn’t difficult and is easily learned in bite size lessons.

Not only does Photoshop handle image editing, it’s easy to put together Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter cover images.

Make a Photoshop Facebook Cover

Want to learn how to make a Facebook Cover Photo in Photoshop?
I’ve made this quick tutorial for you including a video to follow along with.

So… without any further adieu, let’s get started! Scroll below for the video screencast!

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Written Instructions

It’s much easier to watch the video, but just in case, here are the written instructions.

The dimensions for a Facebook cover photos are 851 by 315 for a group cover photo and 828 by 315 as of July 2017.  If you’re watching this video in the future and dimensions have changed,  simply use the new dimensions that are valid at the current moment.

Open your Base Image.  Find your Image that you would like to use as your base image.  I save mine on my desktop to make it easier but you can save it in your file of choice.  Go to your image and right click on it,  open with, adobe photoshop cc.


Click on your crop tool- it looks like an square with two extending lines, and enter your dimensions at top.  Don’t hit the check button in confirmation until you have a pleasing composition.  Click within the image and move it around until you find a composition that you are pleased with.  Hit the check mark to confirm your crop.

Create a new white layer

Create a new layer and fill it with white by clicking on the color boxes and sliding your cursor to the white in the color picker.  Another alternative is to click x on your keyboard to bring up black.  Click on x to make it white.  Reduce opacity. Open up your paint bucket tool (the paint bucket tool shares the same button as the gradient)   Fill your Layer with white by clicking on the image.  Reduce the opacity for now and turn off your white fill layer.

Add a text layer

To match your text to a color that is already existing in your image/graphic, click on the dropper tool and click around your image to find a pleasing color that is also dark enough to pop on top of your image.  You want your text color to be dark enough to be visible.  Turn your white fill layer back on (the eye), hit the text button and type in your desired text.  Select your text layer to move the text around.

Make your text/font layer larger

Select your text layer.  You can change the size of your font by clicking on the text layer and changing the dimensions on your top toolbar.  Another way is to hit CTRL+T at the same time. If you want to stretch the font, simply grab the corner of your highlighted font and pull to however you like it  If you would like for your font to be constrained, hold down shift and control (recommended!) at the same time and pull from the corner.

Center your font layers

Click on all of the layers you want to select by holding down the shift key and selecting them al. Make sure your font layers are selected. To center your layers-layer- align- horizontal centers.

Center your fonts in the middle of your image

Group your text/font layers together by highlighting them all by holding down CTRL+G at the same time.  Your group of font layers are now one entity and the grouping can be moved around by clicking on the layer grouping.  Highlight your image base layer- select- all- highlight the group- layer- align layers to selection- vertical centers- layer- align layers to selection- horizontal center.

To remove the marching ants, simply hit CTRL+D.  To remove the marching ants around your image, hit CTRL+D.

Increase the opacity of your white solid layer if your text is not standing out from your base layer.

I hope this tutorial has helped you to overcome any fears you might have in using Photoshop to make your own Facebook Cover Photo.   You can apply this same technique to any graphic.

Hashtag me on social media so I can see your wonderful Facebook cover photos!

Is Photoshop Intimidating? Learn How to Make Your Own Facebook Cover Photo in Adobe Photoshop with Hey Creative Sister

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