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15 Amazing Christian Easter Activities to Glorify God

Inside: 15 Amazing Christian Easter Activities to Glorify God for you and your loved ones!

It’s time to face the truth.

Biblical celebrations of the Christian church have been under attack for years.

Christ’s birth has been replaced with Santa Claus and Christ’s resurrection has been replaced with easter egg hunts, the easter bunny and chocolate bunnies.

And you know what? It’s a shame.

Christian Easter Alternatives for Easter

I don’t mean to be controversial here, but some of the blame can be shouldered upon the church for perpetuating the secular versions of these Christian holidays instead of staying true to the original meaning and being salt and light to those around them.

Why is the secular world so bent on cancel culture with Easter and other Christian holidays?

That’s a REALLY great question!

It’s because those holidays share the truth of WHO Jesus is and what he has done for us. If the world can alter the resurrection until it’s true meaning is watered down and eventually gone, the resurrection of Jesus will be forgotten and so will the new birth.

Our Christian worldview will no longer exist.

Easter is one of the fundamental hinges upon which our Christian faith turns. You can’t have Christianity without the resurrection!

Easter is one of the fundamental hinges upon which our Christian faith turns.

Do you want to keep our Lord Jesus at the center of your celebration for resurrection Sunday? Sweet sister, I do!

That’s why I’ve compiled this list of 14 sound biblical alternatives for Easter (resurrection activities) that will keep our children’s and families hearts focused on the Lord.

It’s so crucial to our faith that is so dear to us!

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Bible Study Color Code Thin

Family Christian Easter Activities

No matter the age of your family members, I’m positive that you can find something to help you celebrate a Christ centered Easter.

Let’s get started with these family Christian Easter activities that will help you keep Easter focused on God!

Hopefully here you will find some easter activity ideas perfect for you and your family!

Baking Activities for Easter

Depending on where you live and the weather in your area, these first few indoor easter activities all revolve around baking. Who doesn’t need more Christian easter recipes?

How to Make an Empty Tomb Cake
  • 1. Bake something sweet with this resurrection cake from celebrateeverydaywithme that is a replica of Jesus tomb. Make it a family tradition as you read the story of Jesus resurrection and assemble it together and/or cut it open. Here’s another version from lifeasamom you can try!
  • 2. These Butterfly cupcakes can symbolize the three life stages of life, death and resurrection as represented by the caterpillar, the chrysalis, and the butterfly.
  • 3. Resurrection Cross Cupcakes (blog post coming soon!) are simple to make with all store bought ingredients. They can easily be assembled with ingredients you can find at your local grocery store- pocky sticks, cookies, frosting, cupcakes and sprinkles. Easy peasy!
Resurrection Cupcakes
  • 4. These Resurrection Rolls from aroundmyfamilytable are perfect for illustrating Jesus is no longer in the tomb dead! They are made with readily available ingredients and super easy to throw together with refrigerator crescent dough. They are the perfect toddler easter idea and come with a cute poem that you can memorize and younger family members.

Crafty Christian Easter Activities

The following are indoor Christian easter activities that are crafty in nature:

  • 5. The Jelly Bean Prayer, says it’s maker Sarah Ann, is a short, sweet poem that uses jelly bean colors to teach kids about Christ’s sacrifice at the cross.  Each color represents part of God’s story of redemption. Don’t forget to download your free printable!
  • 6. This Easter Bible Reading plan (also from Sarah Ann) that would be great as a fun Resurrection activity.
  • 7. If easter bible games are your forte and something you’d consider, you can reinforce and learn the Easter story by playing Easter Jeopardy from hiphomeschoolmoms.
  • 8. Get the whole family focused on Easter with a easter/resurrection play from ministrytochildren. (They have great resources that I use all the time!) Get out the blankets and belts and set a timer to make costumes (say 5 minutes), print out the play, assign parts and present your skit. It doesn’t have to be well studied or perfect. It’s about the moment and having fun! Your play can also be done indoors if weather doesn’t allow for outside
How to Make Hosanna Branch Wavers

Ready for some Christian Easter Crafts? Here you go:

  • 9. Make Palm Sunday Hosanna Branch wavers from mommysnippets. These would be great to go with your Easter skit mentioned above.
  • 10. Rock Painting is an amazing way to illustrate Easter in a crafty manner and Rock Painting 101 shares how to put your creativity on display all year round. You can also leave the rock in public, sharing the real meaning of the holiday and well wishes with someone.

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  • 11. Make a Resurrection Garland from hashtagteachermom and hang it in a prominent place for all to see!
  • 12. Print out these amazing selection of resurrection coloring pages by whatinthebible to color. This Jesus is Risen coloring page is also amazing! Turn those coloring pages into easter watercolor paintings by pulling out your favorite watercolor paint set.
  • 13. Resurrection Eggs illustrate Jesus’ emergence from the tomb and resurrection in a fun way. Each egg has a symbolic trinket inside that tell the story of Jesus rising from the dead.

Outdoors Activities for Kids for Easter

Here are my choices for outdoor activities for kids for easter:

  • 14. This Resurrection candy scavenger hunt from californiaunpublished is amazing! It will take a bit of preparation time to make the scavenger items but that could also be done with your children by coloring and finding fun things around your home. Each scavenger hunt item are things that have a symbolic meaning in the story of the Resurrection such as bread, a palm leaf and silver coins. Don’t forget to download your free printable!
  • 15. The empty tomb garden from the frugalhomemaker is a great way to illustrate the empty tomb of Jesus and can last in your garden all year depending on what plants you choose! All you need is a planter, some rocks, twigs and grass seed.

Well Sweet Sister, I’m closing off this blog post with a challenge- a challenge to keep our Lord and Savior in your Easter holiday celebration. Don’t let the world influence you, but be a herald of the gospel by influencing others for Jesus.

My unique list of Christian Easter Activities for Kids has been pretty exhaustive! I pray that you have found some inspiration for your Resurrection celebration!

God Bless you!

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