A Legacy of Faithfulness- A Bible Journaling with Hey Creative Sister

A Legacy of Faithfulness Bible Journaling

A Legacy of Faithfulness- A Bible Journaling with Hey Creative Sister A Legacy of Faithfullness

I called her Mom and she was a sweet blessing to my soul.

She has a huge family, and yet, there was always room for my husband and I at family gatherings since she ‘adopted’ us into the family since we’ve moved into the Chicago area.

She has left behind a legacy of faithfulness to her family, her church family and loved ones.

A Legacy of Faith Bible Journaling

I loved her stories. She always greeted me with a genuine hug and kiss.  I loved visiting with her weekly when we would go to her home for a Bible Study since she was unable to get out of the house any longer.
A Legacy of Faith Bible JournalingEvery time I told her “I Love you, Mom”, she would reply with “I Love you More”.

And I knew she meant it.  I loved her testimony of how the Lord delivered her from gin and saved her soul. At 92 years of age, I loved how she would laugh like she was 12 and how her giggling was infectious and fill the room!

A Legacy of Faith Bible JournalingMom Newton’s favorite song was “I can’t even walk without your holding my hand” and she would sing for us on a regular basis.   (You can listen here)  How I wish I had recorded her singing it on many of our visits with her.  Her life spoke volumes and it was evident that the Lord was holding her hand through the journey of life.

A Legacy of Faith Bible JournalingLike Mom Newton,  we all need the Lord holding our hands through our own personal journey.She was  filled with wisdom,  a heart full of love and a desire to serve the Lorduntil the very end of her days.

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Mom Newton and I

About this Bible Journaling:
In my Journaling Bible I painted acrylic paint, in the sandy brown color to resemble sand and the blue to mimic water like the footprints in the sand poem. Lately I’ve been using a waterbrush instead of a regular paintbrush and just LOVE it.  After letting it dry, I added the foot prints with my Zig Marker and then went over them again.  I’m learning to let go of my perfectionist tendencies and am learning that a little messiness looks better than a mistake made trying to be perfect.

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A Legacy of Faithfulness- A Bible Journaling with Hey Creative Sister

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